Mariska Hargitay Hairstyle


This creative hairstyle of Mariska Hargitay turns the heads. This chin length hairstyle gives a bold look to your personality. The top section of the hair is teased to form a height at your crown.

The layers are left smooth from the top. This adds to your sex appeal and shows contrast. It will look good on a round, heart, oval, triangular and diamond-shaped face. This hairstyle is perfect for special occasions. Try this out if you have short and straight hair.

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Styling Steps

1. Dampen your hair and apply some styling mousse on them. Distribute it across your hair. Mousse adds hold to your hair so that you can get better results.

2. Part your hair towards the left. Find the center of your eye and follow it straight to your hairline. Create a parting from this point. A side parting will always look nice on a long-shaped face.

3. Smooth out your hair with a large radial brush. Choose the one that pure bristles. The bristles will prevent damage to your hair.

4. Blow-dry your hair from the back. Take a section of your hair from the back and keep the brush under this area. Pull your brush till the ends and move the blow-dryer along. Turn your ends inside. Repeat the same step to dry your hair completely.

5. Start blow-drying the sides of your hair. Separate a section of your hair from the front. Clip the remaining hair away. Place your brush below this section at the roots. Start blow-drying and pull your hair forward forming a curving motion. The curving motion will add body to your hair. Curve the ends inside. Follow the same step and dry your hair.

6. Take a portion of your hair from the top. It should not be more than the width of the brush. Keep the brush below the roots and start blow-drying the hair. Pull your brush while maintaining the tension throughout your hair and pull your hair towards the right side. Repeat the step till your hair are dry.

7. Repeat the process mentioned in Step No. 6 to blow-dry your hair under to the left side.

8. Now, you need to blow-dry your bangs to the right in a forward direction. Section your bangs apart and clip the remaining hair. Dampen your bangs so that you can dry them effectively. Place the brush under your bangs and start blow-drying from the roots. Maintain the tension and blow-dry till the end.

9. Blow-dry the hair from the crown. Take a portion of your hair. Keep the brush under this section and your blow-dryer above it. Start blow-drying and pull your brush upwards. When you reach the ends, pull the brush in an outwards direction to add softness and volume. Dry this section completely.

10. Take a section of your hair from the middle and comb it properly. It should not be more than the tail comb. Comb up & down to make the hair stand up. Continue the same at the sides and the crown.

11. Hold the hair and pin them in the desired direction.

12. Apply smoothing shine from the mid-lengths to the ends. Use it in the required quantity.

13. Spray some Lacquer on your hairstyle for a strong hold.

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