Meagan Good Hairstyles


Meagan Good is a well-established American actress and TV personality. She knows very well how to carry herself. Her hairstyles are always the talk of the town. She stays in news because of the style she carries. Here, we will talk about different hairstyles of Meagan Good. These hairstyles suit various face shapes and hair texture.

Meagan Good Short Wavy Hairstyle

In case you want to wear a hairstyle that can turn the heads, then you must try this one. Meagan looks gorgeous in this hairstyle. Her hair are cut short from one side and the back. Layers are added to the other side and the top section. This results in an asymmetric finish. If you have a long-shaped face, then this hairstyle will definitely suit you. It will also look good on a square, oval and diamond-shaped face. The shape of the hairstyle can be maintained with regular trims.

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Time required to make a hairstyle: 30 minutes

Meagan Good Long Wavy Hairstyle

This graceful look of Meagan has caught the attention of media. The hair are left free to fall over her shoulders. Waves are added that result in giving body and bounce to the hair. The blunt-cut bangs provide a contrast. This hairstyle will look nice on a diamond, oblong and oval-shaped face.

Time required to make a hairstyle: 30+ minutes

Meagan Good Updo Hairstyle

It is a very unique hairstyle that makes Meagan look very hot. Her hair are swept towards the back from one side. Bangs are added and swept towards the other side. This gives a different look to the face. The rest of the hair are pulled back and tied in a bun. Overall, this hairstyle looks clean and chic. It will look perfect on a square, oval, oblong and rectangular-shaped face.

Time required to make a hairstyle: 20+ minutes

Meagan Good Stylish Hairstyle

Meagan looks sassy in this hairstyle. Her beautiful black long hair look stunning. The hair at the sides and back are cut into layers. Long and heavy bangs are added and swept towards one side. These give a perfect frame to the face. This hairstyle can be created on a round, square, oval and oblong-shaped face. You must use a hairspray to make your hair look healthy and shiny. This hairstyle can be easily maintained with regular trims.

Time required to make a hairstyle: 20+ minutes

Meagan Good Gorgeous Hairstyle

This hairstyle really suits Meagan. The hair are draped over one shoulder. They are blow-dried properly. Waves are added by using a large curling iron. The hair are teased at the roots to form a height. Bangs are added to give a frame to the face. If you have a broad forehead, this hairstyle will definitely suit you. This hairstyle will look good on a diamond, oval, oblong and triangular-shaped face. You can apply some lacquer or hairspray on the hair to get a shiny effect. Regular trims are required to maintain the shape of this hairstyle.

Time required to make a hairstyle: 20+ minutes

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