Medications That Cause Hair Loss

hair loss treatment There are various problems our body faces on a daily basis and is ignored unless it brings us into extremely problematic situations. Hair loss is one of them. We do not realize when the problem is very acute and what can be the causes behind it.

There are various drugs we tend to take without proper prescription that cause this problem without even realizing. Here are a few medications we are subjected to that can be a cause for gradual or sudden hair loss.

Meditations That leads To Hair Loss

Medicines To Cure Acne

Accutane is an all pervasive medicine used to cure acne since more than a decade. Mild to severe acne can be treated well using Accutane. Though low dose pills are provided, yet in long term this medicine has side effects related to gastric problems, liver and cardiac problems.

accutane pills

Hair Loss is another common issue with people consuming medicine of this family. It may cause troubles from the beginning of the time when consuming this medicine, or later after the intake of medicine is over.

Oral Contraceptives

Oral contraceptives cause induced hormonal changes in the body that deter hair growth and if consumed for a prolonged period also leads to hair loss.

Oral Contraceptives

There are wide varieties of drugs that can be used as a birth control measure therefore it is advisable to use the pills after consultation with the doctor. Moreover, women having hair loss in family history should be more cautious when using oral contraceptives as a birth control measure.


Of many side effects of steroids to cure major illnesses, hair fall stands among the common ones. Consumption of steroids for diseases may lead to hair fall which is majorly dependent on genetic factors.


One may or may not lose hair necessarily as a result of in-take of steroids. If you are to lose hair anyway, it speeds up the process. Anabolic Steroids destroy hair follicles that lead to hair loss and in some cases baldness in men.

Chemotherapy Medications

Chemotherapy is so far the only effective treatment that is used to cure cancer. There are modern inventions in chemotherapy that do not cause hair loss, but majority of them lead to losing hair. During the treatment, hair may start thinning gradually for some, or may be lost all at once. Hair lost after chemotherapy sessions and associated medicine, may grow back in about a few weeks to 6 months to the same texture or wavy.

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Cholesterol Controllers

Hair loss can be linked to elevated levels of cholesterol and other heart diseases. Levels of bad cholesterol block the arteries in the heart causing heart attack and at the same time may lead to blocking of minute blood vessels that lead to hair follicle eventually causing loss of hair. Cholesterol lowering drugs are helpful in reduction of plaque that build up cholesterol levels in the body, but at tha same time improves chances of hair loss.

Anti-Fungal Medicines


Fungal infections like ringworm that develops on the scalp causes hair loss in patches. Medication used to treat these bacteria and virus has Griseofluvin that is effective against the fungi of skin and hair, but accumulate very fast on the skin surface especially keratin, the key component of our hair, leading to hair fall.