Medium Afro Hairstyles


Afro hairstyles or afro manes are very daring and bold hairstyles to be sported by women. Afro hairstyles are bold as they consist of adding massive amounts of volume to one’s hair. To sport a good afro mane, it is required that your hair is thick and not thin and limp. If so, there are certain afro hairstyles that help in adding shape and style to the hair.

These styles can be crimped, curled or straightened according to the look you wish to go for. Here are four eye catching afro hairstyles that can be sported by women this season for a wild and endearing look. 

Attractive Short Afro Hairstyles

The Crimped Up Afro Mane 

The crimped up afro mane is a very bold hairstyle which can be sported by women. This hairstyle adds massive amounts of volume to the hair and hence gives a very wild look. The hairstyle resembles the mane of a lion and hence is called an afro mane. To get this look, take your hair and detangle it using a wide toothed comb.

Crimped Up Afro Mane

Once the hair has been detangled, take the hair and divide it into several sections to start the crimping process. Now take a good heated crimping or a curling iron and crimp the hair starting from the roots of the hair till the end of the sections of hair. You will see that you get a bold voluminous afro mane as a result of the crimping. Complete the look by applying a good hairspray to the mane. 

The Mini Braids 

The mini braids look is a very adorable look and consists of the hair being divided and then braided to get innumerable mini braids. If you have short hair the process is less time consuming as the braids will take less time to make. Take the hair and detangle it using a wide toothed brush.

Mini Braids

Once done, divide the hair into various sections and then divide those sections into three sections which then can be braided simply to get mini braids. Secure the end of the braids with elastic bands. You can even add colourful beads if you wish to accessorize the look.

The Corn Rows 

The corn row look is a typical afro look. This look consists of the entire hair being made into corn rows which start right from the scalp of the head to the ends of the hair. Detangle the hair and then with the help of a stylist you can corn row your hair and secure the ends of the braids using elastic bands.


To innovate the look you can even get your hair corn rowed to make different patterns like the zigzag pattern and many more. Once done, apply a good hairspray to set the look. If you have short hair the corn rows will be easier and faster to make.

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The Bushy Curled Mane 

The bushy curled mane is a very wild look and adds volume to thin hair. To get this look your hair should be curled from the roots to the ends of the sections of hair to get a totally curled look.

Bushy Curled Mane

These curls add body and bounce to the hair and look gorgeous. Complete the look by applying a good strong hold hairspray to hold the curls together.