Medium Shaggy Layered Hairstyles

Layered hairstyles generally are the most versatile hairstyles of the lot. These hairstyles suit all kinds of women regardless of their age and the shaggy layers have the ability of making the wearer look stunning and classy. These hairstyles do not require much maintenance except for the fact that you need to get the layers trimmed regularly to maintain the length of the hairstyle.

You can sport these kinds of hairstyles in any way you wish to, they can be an elegant up do or can even be made into plush side swept styles. Here are four eye grabbing medium shaggy layered hairstyles you can sport this season.

Shaggy Layered Hairstyles For Girls

The Delicate Loose Bun 

The delicate loose bun is a very pretty hairstyle that can be sported by women. This hairstyle is more of a formal up do and because of the length of the hair being medium in nature and the cut of the hair being shaggy layered, the hairstyle ends up being made into a loose bun which may be characterized by a few loose fringes which makes the wearer look very elegant and sophisticated.

Loose Bun

To get this look, you hair should be first detangled and then made into a neat ponytail using an elastic band. Now swirl the ponytail such that you make it into a neat bun and secure the bun with bobby pins. You can even leave the fringes free so that they are angled neatly with the bun but at the same time make sure they give off an easy and care free look. Complete the look by applying a good hairspray to add a few finishing touches to the bun. 

The Wavy Side Swept Style 

The wavy side swept style is a very princess like hairstyle and is an excellent style to sport if you are attending a formal occasion. This hairstyle works well with all kinds of faces and works well with strapless or one shoulder dresses. To get this look first take your medium length hair which has been cut in shaggy layers and put some amount of mousse in it to make the hair tangle free and smooth.

wavy side swept

Now take the whole hair and put it completely on one side of the shoulder. You can also secure the style with bobby pins if you think that the hair needs to be held in place. You also accessorize the look by adding colourful beads or hair pins. 

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The Straight Shaggy Layers 

The straight shaggy layers look great on women. These layers are sharp and defined and look amazing on women with petite faces.

Straight Shaggy Layers

To get this look, your hair should be cut in long but sharp shaggy layers so that they appear to be distinct. Now divide the hair into several sections and then by using a heated straightener flat iron the hair to get sleek and smooth sections of hair. Once done, apply a good serum to add gloss and shine to the look. 

The Loose Side Braid

loose side braid

The loose side braid consists of the hair being loosely side braided to get a side braid. The hair as it has been cut in shaggy layers makes a loose messy braid which is secured with the help of an elastic band. Apply a good hairspray to complete and set the braid.