Men Hairstyles For Eyeglass Wearers

Though eyeglasses are very fashionable and trendy and we can see people wearing them for style and as a fashion statement, most men wearing eye glasses regularly become conscious of their appearance as glasses might give them a mature and geek like look.

As important it is to choose eye-wear that suits your face and eyes, it is equally necessary to know that a proper hair cut can make you look handsome and attractive even with glasses on. A wrong choice of glasses or hair-do may make you look way above your age. Here are a few hairstyles for men wearing spectacles that may boost their confidence and appearance minimizing focus on their eye gear.

Eyeglass Wearers Hairstyles

Short Hair With Pomp

This is a recent popular hairstyle where the hair is cut short on all sides leaving about 3-4 inches on the crown to get a big pomp on your head. It works on straight and wavy hair for scanty to hair with medium volume.

Short Hair With Pomp

This is an attention seeker look and works well for all age groups. It should not be experimented on very heavy or curly hair as it may add un-required volume making the face look tall and broad.

Short Spikes

Short spikes carried with angular retro glasses look very attractive. Leave your hair short from all sides and use gel on damp hair to create straight on angular spikes of the front hair.


The simple evergreen look emphasizes more on the glasses than any other thing on your face. For men with scanty hair, this is ‘the’ look, and for guys who have fuller look can also experiment with side spikes or so.

Length With Back Combing

Many men are fond of keeping their hair long, and if you are one of them, this is one look that can look very attractive when pulled off correctly. With a regular cut, apply hair mousse on wet hair and comb backwards to set. Let it dry naturally to get the formal look. If your hair is wavy or extremely curly, avoid using this style as it may add age to your appearance.

The Surfer Look

For men having extremely wavy or curly hair, this is a playful and young look. Keep your sides about 2 inches long and an inch more on the crown portion. Add a lot of texture with mouse and gels when towel dried or wet.

Shake up the look on all sides instead of unidirectional proper combing. Combined with thick and colorful frames and the right attitude, this look is surely breathtaking. Though fabulous, this is not the right style for men with fine or straight hair.

Short Curls

This is yet another evergreen look for curly hair. Grow your hair up to 2 inches or more and set with heavy gel or mousse to form dense look on the crown while maintaining hair shorter on the sides.

short curls

This is a retro look and can be carried off with colored frames. Ensure that you have right shape of the face for this style, else you might end up looking nerdy and geek.