Messy Hairstyles For Teens

messy hairstyle Teen hairstyle is all about having fun and looking their age. They do not like their hair and dress to look formal and matured, hence a popular hair trend among teens is the messy look.

It is laid back and casual and yet is versatile enough for all hair types and also the length of their hair.

Messy Short Hairstyles

If you have short hair, then you can opt for the following messy hairstyles:

Choppy Layers

This is a great hairstyle for teens who have short and limp hair. This will add shape and volume to the hair. Though it works best for hair that is shoulder length, messy layers can work extremely well with short hair that can be styled with wax and pomade.

Swept Forward

Swept Forward

Another good option is to get a razor cut and sweep the hair forward with hair gel. To make a perfect style statement with short hair, ask your stylist to cut the hair into sharp edges that can be stylishly styled forward.

Messy Waves

For a natural disheveled look, use hair gel onto wet hair and scrunch it to add waves and curls to your locks. If that is not enough, then twist the hair into small sections and blow dry it.

Short And Choppy

Teen girls love short hair and this is a daring yet a good teen look. In case you want to stand apart from the crowd then spike your hair with pomade and use hair color that will make a statement.

Messy Long Hairstyles

Like short hair options, there is no dearth of messy hairstyles for long hair.

Long-on-Top Locks

Apply hair wax onto the hair on your forehead and start twisting it backwards. Once you have pulled the hair back then let it loose allowing the hair to cascade across your shoulder.

Loose Bun

A popular option for long hair is a bun and messy buns are very popular among teens. To create the perfect messy bun, work with your unwashed hair that is tangly and curled.

loose bun hairstyle

Flip the hair upside down and then make a high ponytail with a band. Once you have made a ponytail then wrap the base of it and make a loose bun using pins or an elastic band. To make it messier, pull out a few strands of your hair to frame the face.

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Messy Medium Hairstyles

Styling medium length hair can be tricky but when you want it messy, it is not that difficult. Few of the popular messy hairstyles for your medium length hair are listed below:

Wavy Shag

Ask your stylist to cut your hair unevenly and incorporate bangs into your style. Once you have the perfect choppy hairstyle, then wash and blow dry the hair. To create a perfect shag, use a hair mousse and curling iron to create curls.

Beach Waves

Beach Waves

Another popular teen hairstyle is the beach waves that works well for medium length hair and also on long hair. One can create the perfect waves without using any hair styling appliances. To make the waves, braid your damp hair. Let it naturally dry and then remove the braids.  Separate the braids with your fingers and to remove the frizziness apply some serum onto the hair.