Miley Cyrus Hairstyle

This hairstyle of Miley Cyrus adds a fresh and dynamic look to your personality. With layers cut at the back, the sides of your hair are flown over the shoulders. This hairstyle balances out your body with a bounce in the mid-lengths and the ends.

It is perfect for women who have square or long face. It will also look good on oval, diamond and oblong-shaped face. If you have long and wavy hair, this hairstyle will do wonders to your personality. Just spare 30 minutes to make this hairdo.

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Styling Tips

1. Apply mousse to your damp hair with your palm. Apply it evenly across your hair. Styling mousse provides more hold to your hair and you get desired results.

2. Create a parting from the right side of your face. The parting should be in line with the center of your eye. If you have a long-shaped face, a side parting will look great.

3. Make use of a radial brush. The brush should have pure bristles so that your curly hair can be smoothed properly.

4. Take some portion of your hair from your back. Place the brush under your hair and pull it from the roots to the mid-lengths. Move the blow-dryer along with the brush. Curve them inside from the ends. Keep on doing it till your hair become completely dry.

5. Separate a portion of your hair from the front. Clip the remaining hair together. Keep your brush under your hair and pull it in a curving motion forward. Move the hair-dryer along and curve inside the ends. Repeat the process until your hair are properly dry.

6. Take a separate portion of your hair. You must remember that it should be less than the diameter of the brush. Keep the brush at the roots under the section. Pull the brush from the roots passing the mid-lengths to the ends along with the blow-dryer. While doing this, pull your hair towards the left. Do it again till your hair are properly dry.

7. Repeat the same step and pull your hair towards the right.

8. Curl your hair from the back by using a curling iron. Take some portion of your hair. Place its ends at the base of a curling iron. Wrap them up around your iron till the roots. Hold your hair for 10 seconds. Now release them. Repeat the same step across your hair in small sections.

9. Repeat the same procedure to curl the mid-lengths and the ends.

10. Select some portion of your hair from the mid-section. Comb the roots up and down so that your hair are able to stand up by themselves. Continue the procedure at the sides and crown.

11. Rub some amount of wax into the roots of your hair and lift the strands simultaneously.

12. Take some wax and apply it at the ends. Gently pinch them.

13. Take some smoothing shine and apply it from the mid-lengths to the ends of your hair. Do not add smoothing shine to the hair roots as it can make your hair look oily.

14. Apply some Lacquer throughout your hair for a strong hold.

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