Modern Hairstyles 2013

Hairstyles form the most important part of a woman’s appearance. A hairstyle majorly defines who you are and what your personality is like.

To sport a messy hairstyle gives a look that you are a person who wishes to be care free and happy go lucky in life, to sport a bold and edgy hairstyle signifies that you are not afraid to show your daring side and that you love the way you look while a neat and tidy, pinned up hairstyle shows that you wish to look prim and proper in society.  Here are four modern hairstyles for you to sport in 2013.

Popular Modern Hairstyles 2013

The Curled Crop 

The curled crop is a very cute and adorable hairstyle which any woman can sport regardless of her age. This hairstyle is extremely playful and takes years off someone’s age. To get this hairstyle, you need to have cropped hair or hair cut as short as a crop. Now take a curling iron and divide the hair into various sections and then curl the hair using the heated curling iron.

curly cropped hairstyles

Even if you have wavy hair, it is advised to use a good curling iron to curl your hair so that you get a perfectly curled crop. Complete this look by applying a strong hold hairspray to hold the curls together. You can even apply a hair gel to set the curls and a bit of serum if you want to add some amount of shine or gloss to your curls. 

The Long Overlapping Layers 

The long overlapping layered hairstyle is the perfect hairstyle to sport if you have thin hair and you wish to add volume to your hair. The long and the overlapping layers give a softer look to your hairstyle and hence make you look dreamy and feel wonderful.

This hairstyle suits all kinds of face shapes and cuts and works well with all kinds of hair as well. To get this style, get your hair cut in long layers and then blow dry the layers to give them a stylish look. You can even pair this look with a blunt fringe or care free side fringes to make the look a bit more elaborate and to draw attention to your facial features. Complete the look by applying a misty hairspray to hold the layers together.

The Pixie Cut 

The pixie cut is a very daring hairstyle and consists of the hair being cut super short to give off a very wild look. The pixie however bold it may be, is very modern and an extremely easy to maintain hairstyle because of the short length of the haircut.

 Pixie Cut

To get this look, your hair should be boy cut such that there is a tiny fringe in the front to make the look a bit feminine while the hair at the back is razor cut. The pixie cut though a bit tomboyish in nature is very smart to look at and hence is a popular choice among women today. 

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The Asymmetrical Bob 

asymmetrical bob

The asymmetrical bob is a very modern hairstyle and consists of the hair being cut in a tapering style to get a long and tapering bob in the front while the back is razor cut. You can even pair this look with a sleek straight fringe to dramatize it further.