Modern Teen Hairstyles From The 80s

Popular & Modern Teen Hairstyle From The 80s

The 1980s is known for starting a few revolutionary hairstyles that are eccentric and trendy. In recent times, the hair trends of the 80s have made a comeback and are most popular among the teenagers. More and more teens can be seen wearing the 80s leg warmers and quirky bracelets along with side ponytails and other hairdos that were popular during the past decade.

80s Hairstyles that Have Made A Comeback

The article lists out the popular hairstyles that are increasingly becoming popular with the teen generation today.


The 80s were all about glamorous looking ponytail. There was not one but innumerable variants such as, the side ponytails, high ponytail, and fountain-top ponytail. Fountain-Top Ponytail has become the all time favorite of the teens who can create the look by brushing the hair at the top and then tie it on one side of the head. Wrap the ponytail with a scrunchy and then separate the ponytail into two sections.

Popular & Modern Teen Hairstyle From The 80s

Adjust the scrunchy and arrange it in such a manner that the hair falls like a fountain over it. Another favorite is the Side Ponytail with Bangs. Bangs were very popular in the 80s and in most cases it was combined with a side ponytail. To create the look, comb the hair on one side and tie it into a low ponytail.

For the bangs, one can wet the hair and blow it dry the bangs in the opposite direction. Tease the bangs with a hairspray to create the extra height. One of the everyday teen hairstyle that dates back to the 80s is the Low Side Ponytail. To make the perfect side ponytail, one must brush back the hair on one side using a hair gel. Once the hair is smooth, pull back the hair into a ponytail behind one of the ears.

Jheri Curl

This is the popular hairstyle that was worn by African American women in the early 1980s. To create this look, one must use a hair texturizer to smoothen the curls. Next, scrunch the hair by constantly moistening the hair with hair gel or a mousse.


Another hairstyle of the 80s that has become very popular among the rocker teens is a Mohawk. To create a 80s Mohawk one must shave the side hair leaving only a center strip unshaved.

Popular & Modern Teen Hairstyle From The 80s

This strip of hair must run from the center to the nape. Spike the hair at the center with hair gels or color the hair to make it more rocking and trendy.

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Another classic 80s hairstyle that has staged a comeback is the Mullet where the front and side hair is cut short but the hair at the back is left long. An easy maintenance hairstyle, the hairstyle was made famous by a number of 80s athletes such as Randy Johnson and Andre Agassi.

French Braid

Popular & Modern Teen Hairstyle From The 80s

Teens like their hair to be simple and easy to maintain and nothing can be easier to maintain then the 80s French braid. Of course, the youngsters give it a unique twist by making side French braids and wear it with big bangs. To make the perfect side French braid, one must start the braiding process on one side of the head and go all around till you reach the other end.