Most Popular Medium Length Curly Styles

Medium Curly Hair style If you have long curly hair then there are innumerable ways to tie and wear the hair and same goes for short cropped hair – but what about medium length hair. According to hair stylists and experts, medium length curly hair is ideal because it requires less attention than long hair and it is easy to make as compared to short length curly hair.

Medium length hair is not long and not short and there are more than a few hairstyle options that are easy to make and extremely nice looking. Also, most people with medium length hair have more volume than long hair which offers more satisfying results.

Top 6 Curly Hairstyles

Here is a list of curly hairstyles that one can choose from:

Swingy Ponytail

For an extra bounce, swingy ponytail is a great option. All you need to do for a perfect-looking swingy ponytail is to style the look with a curling iron. Next, use hair gel to rake back the hair into a ponytail near the crown. Create a natural wave along the length of the pony with a curling iron and use a hairspray to let it hold together.

Loose Braid

Loose Braid


Styling medium length curly hair has never been easier if you opt to make a loose braid. Casual yet soft looking, braids are convenient and can be made without a host of styling products and tools. All you need to do is to use a texturizer cream to add volume to the curls and also roughen the style.

Once this is done, pull back the hair and braid down the length. If you want to keep the messy look, then allow the tendrils to fall out of the braid as you finish.

Crowning Braid

Braids are considered the curly girl’s best friend. And there are not one but several types of braids that one can opt for. While loose braids are for a casual evening out; try the crowning braid is you are looking for a regal option. To make it start by making pigtail braids one each side of the head.

Crowning Braid


Next, wrap the braids around the head till the ends meet together at the nape. Secure the meeting point of the braids with pins and lastly, use a serum to smoothen the fly-aways.

Soft Waves

You always have the option of converting the curls into waves that are soft and elegant. To create such waves, blowdry the hair while using a curling iron to curl a few hair sections. Lastly, brush the hair curls and polish the hair ends with shine serum. If you want to avoid the hair from falling into your face then one has the option of pinning it back.

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Side swept

Probably one of the best and easiest medium length hairdos for curly hair is to side sweep the hair on one side and style the bangs as they cascade onto the shoulders. For instant shine, use a shine serum through the hair while you gather the hair for sweeping it.

This allows the hair to look shiny and also healthy. Secure the hair behind one ear with a bobby pin to avoid it from shifting to the other side. Finish the styling by spritzing a hairspray that holds the hairstyle together.

Textured Shag

One of the most common and popular hairstyle is the shag. With curls, the shag can become one of the most convenient and easy maintenance hairstyle that requires only your fingers to comb and create a free-flowing look. If you have shag cut, one can iron out the side bangs and let the edges frame the face.

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