Most Popular Side Ponytail Hairstyles For Teens

Side Ponytail Hairstyles For Teens

Side Ponytail Hairstyles For Teens Teenagers love to party and another thing they love to do is to change their looks and match it with their mood everyday. One of the most popular teen hairstyles that has never gone out of fashion is the ponytail!

But if you are bored of the back combed high ponytail that even the adults make then opt for the side ponytails that look different, young, and edgy.

Side Ponytail Hairstyles For Teens

Side Ponytail Variations

Now that you have decided to wear your ponytail pulled on one side, you must remember there are innumerable choices for you. You can curl the tangles for a party, or create a ponytail Mohawk to look funky for a rock concert, or simply tie it sideways for a shopping extravaganza with friends. Anything you choose will highlight your teenage likes and dislikes. Here are a few side ponytail hairstyles that one can choose from:

Pumped Up Pony

This is a sexy variation of the side ponytail and is best suited for parties and concerts that teens love to attend. To create this look, all you need is to style your hair with a serum applied onto damp hair.

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Next, rough dry the hair while scrunching the hair to create a messy look. After you have created the messy look, part the hair and curl sections of your sectioned hair with a curling iron. Once done, sweep the hair sideways and secure it into a ponytail at the nape of your neck.

Pinned Ponytail

This is basically a ‘not-tied’ ponytail where you pin the hair instead of using elastic bands to tie the hair into a place. To create this look, one needs to curl the hair and part the hair sideways. While side parting, pin the hair in different places with fancy hair clips or bobby pins. Do not use an elastic band. Using clips allows you to keep the hair messy and loose which is perfect for teens.

Curl Ponytail

This focuses on having just a single ringlet that can add charm and elegance to your event. Though a number of teens do not want to look mature with such hairstyles, this can be a great option for a formal event that you are attending.

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To create the one perfect ringlet, start by making a hair parting and making a side ponytail. Next, use a curling iron and curl the sectioned hair into ringlets. Once the curls are cooled, brush them with fingers and make it as natural looking as possible.

Mohawk Ponytail

This is for the edgy teens who love to do something different. Within the genre of Mohawk ponytail, there are simple variations that can be tried on by the teens. One of the simple variations is the volume Mohawk that can be created by simply flat ironing the hair and then teasing the hair in the crown into sections.

Once the hair sections are top are made, make a low ponytail at the nape using the rest of the hair. One can also add drama by curling the ponytail while making the Mohawk – this looks great with long hair. The higher you wear the mohawk the more drama you create.

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