Natural Hair Care For African American Women

Natural Hair Care For African American Women To get beautiful and great looking hair, every woman must take care of her hair in all ways possible. When it comes to an African American woman, taking care of her hair can be done in different methods which will suit her unique texture and keeps it healthy looking.

Caring for your hair in a natural manner is one of the best ways to do so as this ensures that your hair is free from all harmful chemicals and products. Try these 7 superb tips for natural hair care for African American Women and fall in love with your hair!

Natural Hair Care For African American Women

Apply Olive Oil

Olive Oil

Applying olive oil on your hair can be one of the best ways to care for your hair. It conditions your hair and nourishes it by penetrating deep inside the hair shaft. You will find loads of Vitamin A and E in this oil which will help keep dandruff away from your beautiful locks.

Comb Gently

Whenever you comb your hair, do so in a gentle manner. Do not be rough with your hair. Also avoid combing your hair when it is wet as wet hair much more prone to breakage. Always let your hair air-dry. It is a complete myth that the more you comb your hair, the better it is. Do not comb more than 2 or 3 times a day and that too 10 to 12 good strokes are just what you need.

Wash Your Hair Twice Weekly

Shampooing your hair every day, no matter how mild the shampoo is, can cause great harm to your hair.

washing hair

Do not shampoo your hair more than 2 times in a week as excessive washing and cleaning can rub off the natural oils from your hair and leave them exposed to the environment. It can also make your hair dry and brittle.

Tie A Bun Or Ponytail

If you have long hair, make sure that you tie a loose bun or ponytail when you go to sleep at night. This will prevent your hair from getting pulled and become prone to hair fall. Never keep your long hair open when sleeping. If you have shorter hair, then simply comb it before going to sleep and you are done.

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Use Natural Products

use natural products

Instead of using those products which contain harmful chemicals, use products made from natural ingredients which will help clean your hair and also nourish it at the same time. Products which contain sulfate should be strictly avoided as it can cause irreparable damage to your hair.

Eat A Protein Rich Diet

healthy diet

Your hair is what it is because of what you apply to it and also what you eat. Hair is mainly made up of protein and giving your body a protein rich diet will help your hair to get vitamin, minerals and other nourishing factors from it to give you smooth and soft curls. Include loads of legumes, fish, chicken, eggs, spinach and dairy products in your every day diet and watch your hair become healthy again.

Avoid Heating Tools

It is best to stay away from all types of heating tools that perm, curl or straighten your hair. They damage your hair beyond repair and degrade the quality of your hair to a great extent. Also refrain from blow drying your hair every day as that too can damage your beautiful locks.