Natural Hair Growth Remedies

hair growth Hair grows naturally. Some people are very lucky as they have speedy hair growth. Some people are not so lucky as they have slow growth of hair. Hair is such an adorable thing that all people want its speedy growth even the people with speedy growth of hair want that to remain beautiful all the time.

There are some natural hair growth remedies which help to make your hair long and thick in volume in super jet speed. This article will give you a few tips on that matter.

Natural Hair Growth Treatment

Healthy Diet For Healthy Body

A balanced and healthy diet is necessary to make your hair grow naturally. Eat healthy all the time. Mineral and vitamin rich foods such as different types of fruits, vegetables, nuts, lentils, oils, eggs, milks, lean proteins, etc.


help to grow your hair faster. Stick to this diet everyday for proper nourishment to your body. Because, only a healthy body can have a healthy hair.

Regular Combing And Brushing To Activate Blood Vessels And Glands

Regular combing and brushing is needed to enhance the growth of the hair naturally. Take a wide teeth wood comb and comb your hair at least 80-100 times before going to bed at night.

combing and brushing

Continuous combing helps to agitate glands and bloods vessels of the scalp. This agitation and enhanced blood circulation helps to grow hair faster. Combing also help to release stress and strain and helps a lot in the speedy growth of the hair.

Everyday Oil Massage

Massage your hair everyday with oil. Massaging help to increase blood circulation and oil nourishes your scalp to grow your hair faster. Coconut oil, jojoba oil, castor oil, almond oil, olive oil, etc. are essential for your hair for the speedy growth of it.

Massage With Oil

Massage a few drops of these oils on your scalp and hair every day. Within a few days you will notice the difference. Everyday oil massage helps your hair to grow faster both in volume and length.

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Weekly Hair Pack For The Nourishment Of Hair

A weekly hair pack is necessary to grow your hair naturally. To make the hair pack, one thing is must that is one egg. Egg is a good source of vitamin B complex which is one of the most necessary products of hair to rejuvenate it. Break one egg and beat it well.


Add almond paste, olive oil, amla, henna and lemon juice in it for further supply of vitamin E, vitamin C and minerals. Apart from vitamin B, egg also supplies a good amount of protein to hair. Mix all the products in a bowl and apply a thick layer of it on hair. Be sure that each strand of hair has got the coat of hair pack. Weekly application of this hair pack helps to grow your hair faster naturally.

Regular Trimming Of Hair

Trim your hair twice every month. Regular trimming of hair not only helps to avoid split ends, it also helps to grow hair fast. When you have split ends or frizzy hair, the nourishment does not reach till the end of the hair and hampers growth.

hair trimming

So regular trimming of hair helps a lot in the growth of the hair naturally. Follow these tips according to the instruction and soon get a healthy long hair with a good volume that too naturally without spending much money for it.