Natural Hair Loss Prevention

hair loss in women Hair is of utmost importance to all of us, and so is treating it the right way. There is various hair problems we face on a day-to-day basis which go unnoticed unless are of extreme nature; hair loss being one of it. It is said that loss of up to 100 strands of hair daily is considered healthy. Therefore, if you are starting to lose more, be watchful and control immediately.

As a part of daily routine, there are certain things we can bring in to our habit for healthy hair, skin and health, thus keeping illness away. And unless extreme, where you might need professional consultation, there are various healthy ways you can stop losing your hair.

Ways To Prevent Hair Loss Naturally

Healthy Diet

It is necessary to maintain a healthy diet not only for your hair and body but to keep your internal system in a good shape.

healthy diet

We often refer only to calorie count of the food we eat, but it is also equally important to watch if the food we are consuming is providing essential nutrients for our body’s growth and nourishment. Include loads of juices, salads, green and leafy vegetables and fruits in the diet for good health, eventually everything follows.

Exercise Daily

It is important to maintain blood flow in the body for our hair and skin to remain young and healthy. Jogging, swimming, walking etc are good exercises to remain fit and also improve circulation of blood in the body which aids in hair growth.

regular exercise

At the same time, when talking about exercises, massage is a special form of exercise which rejuvenates hair follicles and promotes hair growth and nourishment. Therefore, maintain a healthy routine.

Keep Stress Low

We often subject ourselves to stressful situations without realizing. Excess work, lack of sleep, hectic schedules is some of the physical stresses we are subjected to; on the other hand pondering, worrying etc. are some of the mental stress that can be a cause o f hair loss.

Yoga And Exercises

Identify the cause and keep your stress low. Yoga and meditation also helps in improving concentration and eventually leads to lowered stress levels. Adopt time management and include activities that relax you and are a stress buster.

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Avoid Chemicals

Most of the shampoos, conditioners, hair colors, serums and other hair products are chemical and detergent based which might give desired results in the short run but have extremely harmful outcomes in the long run.

avoid chemicals

Choose a mild natural shampoo for your hair type. At the same time, gels and sprays used for hair dos are also harmful and should be avoided. Keep your hair moisturized and scalp clean. Use natural and home products for regular hair care.

Treat Hair Gently

Hair is susceptible to breakage and damage due to ruthless treatment. Use soft brushed and wide toothed comb made of wood to prevent hair loss. It is important to treat wet hair gently, so do not comb wet hair or use strength to detangle hair.

treat hair Gently

Excessive usage of hot irons and rods also cause hair to lose its natural strength. Even when shampooing, gently massage the scalp to get rid of dirt and pollutants and use warm or cold water.