New Hairstyles For Boys 2013

For a trendy and smart look, unique hairstyles are popular among boys and men. Hairstyles are inclined towards being easily manageable and fashionable this season. Most men are spotted with short and medium length hair as opposed to those locks and entangled long hair.

Here are some popular basic hairstyles you can sport this season to look, smart, sexy and sporty at the same time…

Latest Hairstyles For Boys

The Varsity Side Part

Looks trendy and fashionable with the traditional side part, the medium length hair this season can be given a sporty look.

The Varsity Side Part

It looks professional with formal wear as well as boyish and youthful with the casuals. It is recommended for straight hair with any volume.

The Prohibition High-and-tight

The high and tight look is back with a bang. Very masculine and attractive; but doesn’t work for wavy and curly hair. The trick is to keep the sides short and fade off towards the sides and nape of the neck.

The Redefined Wedge

It’s good news for men having slight wavy hair. This look works best on less volume and wavy hair. Can be carried by men of all ages and is quiet easy to maintain. Leave about three inches of hair on the top, and the sides can be cut from being short to long depending on the style.

The Wavy Blow Back

The Wavy Blow Back

Give yourself a classic square cut with this professional look. Works well on straight hair and especially for those who would not like to part with their long hairs. It fetches extra points by backcombing wet hair with mousse or gel for a perfect evening.

The Surfielocks

This is for men who have straight and thick hair. The length of your hair can be short or long. This is hard to grow but once in place has easy maintenance. Suit the length according to your face cut, else you will look like an artist or as a character from an old romance novel.

The Short Cropped Side Part

This is a classic Caesar look from the Roman history. This looks hot on any type of hair and is for those lazy boys who want low maintenance yet stylish hair dos. This can be styled from a clean to a messy look and will stay trendy for a longer than usual period.

The Messy Blow Back

This is as we can call it a surfer or boy band look. It works on all hair types, from short to long to curly and straight hair.

The Messy Blow Back

A very messy and casual look calls for high maintenance. The trick is to grow your hair up to 3 inches and then just trim of a little on the sides keeping longer on the center and add texture.

The Voluminous Blow Back

It is more of an electro look with sides almost shaved and hair kept long and textured on the top. This works well on straight and wavy hair that has volume. It is a very unique hair-do and is recommended for the adventurous type, who would not like risking their look for a couple of months.