New Hairstyles For Heart Shaped Faces


Ideas for heart shaped face hairstyles In order to decide upon which kind of hair style would suit you the best, it is very important to first determine your face cut. In case, you are not able to identify your face cut, then you can seek the advice of your hair stylist. Also, there are various kinds of websites today, which can help you to determine your face cut, once you upload your picture.

So, once you are done with the identification of your face cut, then you need to select the hair style that would suit you the best. If you are one of those having a heart shaped face cut, then you are quite lucky to have landed at this page! In this article, we shall discuss about a few new hair styles for heart shaped faces. While selecting the hair style for heart shaped faces, it is very important to make sure that the chosen hair style creates volume around the jaw line, so as to balance the face properly.

Hair Styles For Heart Shaped Faces

Side Swept Bangs

Women with heart shaped face cut and long hair can go for bangs on side, which really compliment the face cut in a graceful manner. Instead of going for short bangs, it is advised to go for long bangs for a more glamorous look.

Layered Hair Cut With Center Hair Parting

Women with heart shaped face and medium length hair can try a layered hair style, with a center partitioning.

Wavy Hair Style

Heart shaped face

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Waves also look great on women with heart shaped face cut. A wavy hair style, with a fringe on the side, is the perfect option for women with heart shaped face with gorgeous cheekbones. The facial proportions would be balanced in a remarkable manner with the help of having bouncy waves starting from cheek area.

Straight Hair Style

Straight hair style also looks good on people with heart shaped face cut. The glamorous look can be attained by going for a light shade hair color. A pinned fringe at the back would give a more gorgeous look.

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Cascading Ponytail

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A cascading ponytail with a teased crown is the perfect hair do for heart shaped face cut which really add sparkle to the eyes. This hair style is a must try for every women with a heart shaped face.


Both side swept and straight bangs go very well with heart shaped face cut. Bangs really help in augmenting the overall look and personality of the women.

Bob Hair Style

A bob hair style is quite versatile and looks great on almost all kinds of face cut, especially heart shaped face cut. A woman with straight or curly hair can go for a bob hair style which is cut in a chopped manner around jaw line.

Curly Hair Style

Curly hair style complements heart shaped face cut in a very nice manner. Shoulder length curly hair style is the perfect option. The curls should be kept loose so as to soften the face cut, and to attain a gorgeous look.

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