Oil Treatment Recipes For Hair

hair growth Like all other things, our hair needs nourishment and conditioning from time to time to maintain its health. Hot oil treatments have been a popular source for hair care since the beginning of time. Hair oils are recommended for growth and shine of hair and at the same time to keep problems like dandruff, flaky scalp, breakage of hair and dryness at a bay.

For most of us, buying hair oils from the market and applying it on a regular basis is the most convenient option, but nothing is equivalent to healthy hair care oils that can easily be made at home, keeping in mind the kind of oil that suits the hair type and what can be the right ingredients for hair nourishment. Here are a few herbal oils you can make at home for regular use to keep hair healthy.

Oil Treatment For Hair

Curry Leaves In Coconut Oil

Take a bunch or two of curry leaves and air dry after cleaning. Make a thick paste by grinding. To make the hair oil, take a cup of extra virgin coconut oil and heat in a pan on low flame.

Curry Leaves In Coconut Oil

Add two tablespoons of the paste and before the color of the otherwise green paste is too dark put off the flame. After the oil cools, sieve it and store in a jar. To use, heat in small quantities and apply on hair.

Hibiscus Flowers And Leaves In Oil

Take a few leaves and flowers of hibiscus plant and chop finely. Grinding or making a paste is not required. Heat about half a cup of such finely chopped mix in a pan on low flame.

hibiscus flower

Add a cup of any oil that you have been using. You can use coconut oil, sunflower oil, and olive oil or lavender oil as options. When you see the fumes coming, add about 3-4 tulsi leaves and about 3/4th teaspoon fenugreek seeds. Turn the flame off and let cool after the seeds pop. Store in a jar and use before shower.

Homemade Oil Using Amla

Use dried amla or amla powder available in local stores to make this oil. Mix amla powder with fenugreek powder in 2:1 ratio. Add your regular oil to the powdered mixture and make a thick paste.


Heat the paste on low flame and stop immediately after fumes start coming. Make sure that amla does not turn black. Sieve and store the oil. It is effective to use up the oil in two weeks. Do not refrigerate. You can also heat up the oil or use as it is up to thrice a week for hair growth and luster.

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Hair Oil Using Brahmi

Use olive oil and add about 6 to 8 teaspoons of Brahmi powder to it. Heat on low flame till fumes are seen and then add a handful of fenugreek seeds. Make sure that the seeds pop and Brahmi does not turn black while heating.


Allow the oil to cool before sieving and storing. You can also use any other oil that you have been using as it is recommended that one must not change hair oil often, because it may lead to temporary hair loss.