Perfect Prom Hair Accessories

Have you started counting days for the time of your prom? Are you eagerly looking forward to having an enjoyable time, filled with fun and frolicking, at the gala glittery event? Undoubtedly, most young women attending the glitzy event wants to look eye-catching, wearing designer clothes and dazzling jewellery with great panache. From the trimmings on the tresses to the glimmering pair of shoes, a great deal of importance is placed on accessories to add pizzazz to the overall stylish demeanour.

The secret of being the cynosure of all admiring glances and shine like a bright star, without melting into the background, is by tastefully coordinating the right accessories with an ensemble. Many celebrities with their exquisite hair adornments have bedazzled everyone with their unique sense of style. Ranging from subtle to dramatic a number of hair accessories in varied colours, shapes, designs and styles are available in the market. To add some spark, opting for bejewelled hair accessories for a prom would be most suitable.

Various Hair Accessories For Prom


Ribbon, is not an accessory that women wear every day, on their lovely locks. However, feminine bows and flowers made from silk and satin ribbons, complementing the fashionable attire, would sure make great accoutrements for the tresses.

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Ribbons, used as tasteful additions to cover the rubber bands worn to hold a stylish ponytail, enhance the overall appearance for a dressier look. Woven on braids, ropes and twists they create an out- of -the -ordinary charm, occasionally entwined in some of the updo and lowdo hairstyles fashioned, especially for prom.


Another excellent accessory suitable for prom is the splendid regal tiara. It does not demand a prom queen or princess, to wear the imperial tiara on those lovely tresses. Available in varied shapes and designs, studded with precious and semi-precious stones, with a silvery or gold finish, the tiara looks marvellous on all types of hairstyles such as the cascading curls to elegant updo styles, imparting a stylish and sophisticated appeal. Secured with dazzling hair and bobby pins to hold them in place, it is very important to choose the shape and design, depending upon the shape of the face.


Women who consider tiaras too flashy may opt for an attractive prom headband to crown their beautiful tresses. Nicole Kidman, a great trendsetter of fashion, during an award ceremony, popularised the headband embedded with gems and crystals, encircling her luscious curly locks.

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Since then the headbands, in myriad hues, designs, shapes, textures and fabrics have taken the fashion world by storm. Ranging from simple to classy, broad to thin, plain to bejewelled, with or without teeth, headbands are versatile; one can use them for holding the hair away from the face or as a stylish and elegant piece of fashion accessory, for both casual and dressy events.

Hair Sticks

These were originally designed to protect hair from causing breakage or extensive damage. Hair sticks make another spectacular accompaniment for the beautiful mane, ideal for prom. Handcrafted using materials such as ceramics, bamboo, wood artificial tortoiseshell glass and bone, hair sticks available in an assortment of colours, come with fabulous decorative tops embellished with metals, pearls, beads and semi precious stones.

Both ornamental and useful creating laid-back to hip hairdos for almost any length of hair, they help anchor simple to elaborate updo styles thereby enhancing the appearance of the hairstyles. The length of the sticks ranging from short to long are well hidden within the hair, with the crafted magnificent top peeping out for a super finish. Securing the hair stick needs a bit of practice, once comfortable though, they make amazing accessories for those luscious tresses.

Alligator Hairclips

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The alligator clip resembling an alligator’s mouth is yet another accessory fit for a prom. Available in designs ranging from plain to elaborate, they come in varied sizes to anchor the tresses by pinching parts of the hair. The elaborate designs may be worn with great élan for a prom for an added sparkle.

Hair Combs

Generally worn to keep the tresses away from the face, decorative hair combs make incredible fashion statements highlighting the beauty of the outfit and the coordinated accessories. Encrusted with pearls, rhinestones, crystals, feathers and flowers they are worn as both a tiara and decorative adornment accentuating various updo styles thus adding that extra bit of charm to the appearance.

Condor Clips

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A longer and bigger version of the alligator clips, condor clips, hold greater sections of hair and are ideal for any kind of updo styles such as a simple buns and chignons, securing them properly at the back of the head. The fanciful types embedded with stones and other decorative embellishments add a shimmer among the luscious locks, thereby transforming a plain hairdo to a more sophisticated style.


A barrette worn on the tresses as a clip is one of the most modern hair accessories available in the market. Suitable for all hair types they come in a wide array of designs in myriad hues and shapes. Used for controlling sections of hair, they also have various decorative purposes. The pieces adorned with precious and semi precious stones, beads or crystals matching the trendiest of jewellery may work well for a formal event such as a prom.

Hair Magnets

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For a touch of glitter and shine, add some bling in the form of hair magnets, embedded with crystals. The magnets squeezed between luscious locks are suitable for thick, wavy, medium-length hair and may glide away from thin silken hair. For a more romantic touch, these may be worn with some decorative hairpins beneath the tresses.

Ponytail Elastics

Ponytail holders available in varied designs and styles embellished with fashionable accents, come in attractive hues matching the outfits. These may be used to hold hair back and at the same time add as an incredible ornate accent accentuating a simple chic ponytail. These make a perfect accessory for a girlish kind of charm.


The humble hairpin has progressed to a more dramatic style of accessory for all types of hair. Used as an ornamental piece for decking up the strands, the hairpins, encrusted with pearls, beads or crystals, on the head part of the pin, are excellent to keep all knots and updos secure in their place.

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Hence, they make exceptional prom accessories when scattered across the hair in multiples lending an effect of grandeur. These simple accessories enhance the exquisiteness of the dress and the accessories besides, adding a glittery sheen all over the locks.

Flowers And Feathers

Flirt with florals for an exotic hip look at the prom. Fresh flowers or artificial varieties pinned on to the hair using decorative hairpins can be chosen as colourful additions, in stark contrast to the ensemble. Most of the silk flowers available in the market, set on hair bands, barrettes, combs, hairpins and the like, make excellent hair accents for a prom lending a very stylishly feminine grace. A flower coordinated perfectly well with the colour of the skin, facial shape, hair colour and texture can really become a huge hit and make one stand out in a crowd.

Like the flowers, feathers too can be used in elegant unique ways as hair accents. However, feathers used as accents in a minimal way are great for a touch of class and sophistication. The most popular feather coordinates are the peacock feathers for their vibrant colours and designs.

So, feel like a princess, bedazzle everyone with an impeccable sense of style, and walk away with great panache and style… Enjoy being the cynosure of all eyes!