Perms For Medium Hair

Permed hairstyles form a very popular stylish sported by women today. These hairstyles are the latest and the trendiest fashion fad lately, and are a great way to change your previous boring hair style.

Permed hair is known to add a pinch of drama and creativity to your life giving your dull, limp and thin hair a voluminous and fun, playful look. You can get varied perms, according to the look you wish to showcase. It is the classic way of getting the perfect make over you have always dreamt of sporting. Here are four different permed styles you can sport this season.

Permed Hairstyles For Medium Hair

The Body Perm Hairstyle 

The body perm hairstyle is the most common permed hairstyle among women. It suits people who possess a square shaped face and it also works for women having medium to long length hair. It makes the hair very voluminous and lively as it adds movement and body to it.

permed hairstyle

This perm mainly pumps up flat hair, adding a little bit of wave to it and also softens your facial features to a certain extent. To style this hair, you can blow dry it in sections and style your curls using a light hairspray.

The Straight Perm Hairstyle 

The straight perm hairstyle is simply perming the ends of your hair into straight curls to give the hair a little bit of bounce and oomph. If your hair is dry and rough, you should avoid getting it permed as it will cause the hair to fizzle out and become rougher by texture.

straight perm

You should preferably have thick and smooth hair for carrying out the process of perming. These curls are spiral in nature and can be obtained by winding it on a particular type of curler such that you get long loose curls. This gives off a romantic look and this type of perming mostly suits people with oval shaped faces.

The Root And Crimped Up Perm 

The crimped up perm is the perm which gives a crimping effect to the hair. This perm is a famous choice flaunted by models on the runway and hence, needs the necessary personality and style to carry it off. Crimp the hair from the roots till the end of the hair strands to acquire this look.

Root And Crimped Up Perm

This look suits those people who have medium or shoulder length hair and possess a thin face as the crimped up perm adds massive volume to the hair and might end up looking a bit wild and unmanageable. You can style your crimped up hair by using a good hairstyling creme and using hair clips and hair bands.

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The Layered Perm Hairstyle 

The layered perm hairstyle is a beautiful hairstyle and adds height to one’s look. Its best suited for medium to long layered hair and consists of curling the ends of the layers into tight or loose curls accordingly. The curls you opt to sport can be thick or thin which depends on the type of curler you are using.

Layered Perm Hairstyle

These curls however require maintenance and one is advised to use shampoos and hair products especially designed for using post-perming. You can further accessorize the look by wearing colourful hair bands and hair clips as they look pretty with these layered curls.