Platinum Blonde Hairstyles

The colour platinum blonde is a very cool colour among women today and is much adored by others too. This colour is a striking white or grayish blonde and looks wonderful on those women who have the ease to pull off the colour. Platinum blonde is the colour on the runway, the red carpet and all the dazzling celebrity functions that we ache to copy.

These hairstyles are eye catching and stunning, however, to sport this colour is a daring choice, hence choose your hairstyle carefully while opting to sport this colour. Here are four brilliant platinum blonde hairstyles for you to sport this season.

Stylish Platinum Blonde Hairstyles

The Blunt Fringe Bob 

The colour platinum blonde as we already know is a very trendy colour which several women wish to sport today. This colour in general gives a very cool appearance to the wearer and it is advised that you should sport a short or a medium length hairstyle in this colour to prevent a steely appearance that this colour might give off if used in excessive amounts.

Blunt Fringe Bob

To achieve this look, get your hair cut in the form of a shoulder length bob so that you get a sleek platinum blonde bob and pair the bob with blunt fringes which may be straight cut to give the bob a warmer look. You can straight iron the bob if you want it to look sleek or you can simply blow dry it to give it a messy look. Complete the look by applying a good misty hairspray for extra finishing touches.

The Wavy Layers 

The wavy layered hairstyle is a very feminine look and it is meant for those who wish to give off a soft look in their platinum blonde hair. To get this look, get your platinum blonde hair cut in wavy layers so that they add a certain amount of volume to your hair. To get the wavy look you need to blow dry your hair gently or curl it slightly by dividing the hair into several sections.

Wavy Layers

Once it is done, leave the hair free and open and enjoy the feeling of the cool breeze blowing through your hair. The wavy layers in the platinum blonde colour look very trendy and beautiful at the same time. You can also sport this hairstyle in any way you want to. You can tie it up as a ponytail or even side sweep it and place it on one shoulder for a more formal look. Complete the look by applying a light hold hairspray to make the look all the more elegant.

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The Tapering Bob 

Tapering Bob

The tapering bob in platinum blonde is a very smart hairstyle. The colour contributes to a very wild appearance and consists of the hair being cut in such a manner so that it is long and tapering in the front and short and razor cut in the back. You can even get a blunt fringe or a side fringe and angle it with the tapering bob.

 The Shaded Blonde Layers

The shaded blonde layered look is a very innovative look and consists of the hair being shaded with the platinum blonde colour to give the hairstyle a colourful and vibrant hue. The layers warmify the look further and make the look all the more feminine and fun.