Popular And Trend-Setting Short Hairstyles For Men


Popular And Trend-Setting Short Hairstyles For MenMen hairstyles are usually short and trimmed. Though short is a classic option, men have innumerable short hairstyle options that are easy to groom and manage. To add to convenience, a number of short hairstyles for men do not need regular grooming at all making it easy for the wearer.

Also, a simple short hairstyle can be made trendsetting by simply combining the style with a cut that makes it stand apart from the crowd – these include hairstyles such as long bangs, crew cut, or Mohawk.  Most of these easy-to-maintain hairstyles are smart and easy to get.

Top Options for Men With Short Hair

Hairstyles adorned by celebrities become a rage among the common masses. Most people get inspired by the favorite celebrity and few of the most popular short hairstyles that have become ageless are listed below:

Pointed Out Spikes

Short Hairstyles For Men

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A number of men with short hair sport this style where the crown of the head has short spikes. That is not all! The spikes are pointed out by using hair gel or serum. This looks chic and stylish at the same time.

Upward Bent

Made famous by a number of Hollywood celebrities, this is a great party look. All you need to do is to side part the hair, sweep it on one side and then use a comb to sweep out the hair ends.


If you are rebel then this is a great option for short haired men. To get a perfect Mohawk, one must consult a hair style expert and get a cut that makes this hairstyle a class apart. For a true Mohawk style, let it stretch from the forehead to the nape of the neck.

Short Tuft

Another fantastic option is to get a short crew cut where the nape is cleared off any hair. Combine this with a short tuft like cut on the forehead. Use a hair gel to spike the short tuft hair at the front and you are ready for a night out with friends.

Head Hugging

tips for short hair styles for men

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Another convenient option is a short hairstyle that is head hugging combined with spiked bangs at the front. This is a no fuss hairstyle that is very easy to manage.

Short Tufts

Another great option is trimmed hair all over the head that is spiked with the help of a hair gel. A great casual and formal hairstyle, this is modern and trendy.


If you want your nape of the neck to be clear and yet do not want a very short hair at the front then combine the both and get a short crew cut at the back and let the hair remain long in the front. Extremely sexy and very popular, this is a modern hairstyle that is opted for by many young men.

Undercut Spikes

A trend setting hairstyle, men can get this hairstyle by getting spiked hair at the back. A modern hairstyle, this might not be a very good option for people working in a formal environment but if you are young and like experimenting with looks then this is a great option.

Short Spikes

If you have wavy hair, then short spikes is a classy option. Combine this with light stubble and sideburns and the look is complete – messy and attractive.


Get an undercut hair that is combined with a short thatch on the crown of the head. The look is trendy and young – making it extremely popular among men of all age.

Upward Spikes

Another great short hairstyle option is to comb the hair into upward spikes throughout. Great for formals, upward spikes can be a great casual look for college goers.

Curly Spikes

If you have curly hair, then create a small thatch on the forehead with hair gel. A trend setting hairstyle, this goes well with all kinds of outfits.

Forehead Bangs

short hair styles men

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If you want your short hair to stand apart, then get long bangs that fall all over the forehead. Stylish and modern, it is a classic short hairstyle option which is made famous by celebrities such as Justin Bieber and many more.

Side Parting Head Hugging Style

A classic style that is preferred by matured men, one can achieve this by simply make a side parting and combining it with a head hugging cut. Perfect for casual and formal, this is a great outdoor look.

Bird’s Nest

One of the unusual short hairstyle options is a bird’s nest where the crew cut is combined with long tresses that is used to form a thatch on the top of the head.

Uneven Spikes

tips for short hair styles for men

Source: http://slodive.com/inspiration/short-wavy-hairstyles/

If you are not very fond of spikes all over the head then opt for uneven short spikes all around the head. This is suitable for long and short hair too.

Curled Bangs

This is an Elvis Priestley look where the back short trim is combined with long curled wave at the front of the head. Unusual but stylish, one can opt for it if one wants to party non stop with their new hairstyle.


If you have curls then side part the hair and add extra volume by using a hair serum to help your forehead hair stand up. Do not spike the hair but let the hair stand up more naturally; hence, use a volume adding spray of serum.

Upward Sideways

Another classic option, one can layer the hair and then comb it upwards to create the look. After the hair is combed upwards, slat it on one side to give it a more stylish edge.

Waves Galore

Another great option for wavy hair men is to side part the hair and highlight the waves at the front by letting it remain natural. Stylish yet classic, waves cascading the temple is a good option.

Riot of Curls

Crew cut at the nape along with curls at the top is a brilliant short hairstyle that is trend setting too.

Tufts and Spikes

If you do not like constantly grooming the hair then this is a great option. Spike the front hair with hair gel and keep it constantly on for a groomed look.

Short Trim

One of the easiest and popular choices is a short trim that is never messy indoors and outdoors. This is a clean cut that can be extremely great for everyday neat look.

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