Popular Braided Bridal Hairstyle

Braided Bridal Hairstyle

Braided Bridal Hairstyle tips Choosing a bridal hairstyle is not an easy task! If you are looking for an elegant look then a braided hairstyle is a perfect option. A number of brides who are wearing veils opt for the braided look that allows you to keep the hair away from the face and also enhance the look of the veil. Most bridal hairdos are centered on what kind of headgear you are wearing; but most bridal magazines and bridal experts recommend the braided hairstyle for the D-day.

Braided Hairstyle Options

Braided hairstyles are not just for young girls anymore! There are innumerable braided hairstyles for grown ups, especially prospective brides, that can work for all types and length of hair.

Single Braid

One of the easiest braided veil hairstyles is a single braid but the key to such a hairstyle is the positioning of the braid. If you are wearing a veil, then you must style the braid around the crown of the head; this allows you to fit the bridal veil properly without disturbing the look and feel of the braids.

To create the wedding braids, part the hair down the center and make hair sections that can be formed into separate braids. Keep the braids tight and use bobby pins to secure the braided sections at the back of the head. Once done, spritz the hair with a hairspray that will hold together the braids.

Double Braid

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For an extra dramatic bridal look a double braided hairstyle is a great alternative. Start by sectioning the hair and braiding each section separately. Start by braiding the first and then add the second braid onto the first one and pinning both the braids together at the back of the head. Try and keep the size of the braids slightly smaller or larger; this helps you add a texturized look to your bridal look.

Braided Bun

This is again a very easy wedding hairstyle to make. Irrespective of the bridal veil, one can make this by simply tying a high ponytail. Next, braid the ponytail and then twist the hair into a high bun that can be pinned behind the veil.

Loose Side Braid

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If you want to keep your look casual for your wedding, then opt for the messy side braid that is loose and sexy, if worn properly. The key to this bridal look is to make the side braid as messy as possible. If you have straight hair that does not look as messy as you want then use a hair curler to create soft waves that cascades onto the shoulder of the bride. If a few strands are falling out of the braid then do not worry but let them remain for a perfect casual bridal look.

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Asymmetrical Braid

To create this bridal look, start by making a deep side parting. Next, comb back the hair and braid the hair on the opposite direction and along the hair parting. Once you gave braided from the top to the bottom, secure it in place with bobby pins. These look perfect with cathedral veils.

Bohemian Braids

For brides who have wavy and unruly hair then opt for the Bohemian braids that add volume and bounce to the hair. To create this look, you need to make two braids along the hairline. Next, pull the two braids back and pin them together with bobby pins to complete the look.

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