Popular Hairstyle Trends For Parties

Popular Hairstyle Ideas For Parties

With the advent of party season, women are browsing through pages to find a suitable hairstyle for their party occasion and dress. While some events require you to look chic and elegant while there are other events that calls for you to be more casual and swanky. Whatever be the occasion, the hairstyle is often the one element that completes your party look; get it wrong and you might look out of place.

Hairstyles for Formal Parties

As mentioned before, you must cater to the occasion; in short, the hairstyle must match the event you are attending. For example, formal parties require you to wear suitable attire such as a gown; hence, while choosing a hairstyle you must match it with the gown and the occasion. A few of the best suitable and probably the most popular elegant hairstyles are listed below:


Popular Hairstyle Ideas For Parties

One of the simplest hairstyles, chignon works anywhere, be it an official luncheon or an evening party. To get the perfect chignon, one must pull the hair into a tight ponytail either at the nape or at the crown of the head. Once your ponytail is secured, twist the hair into a bun and secure it with hair clips and bobby pins.

Romantic Waves

If you have a naturally wavy hair, then wearing your tresses down is a great option. To complete the look, start by using a blow dryer and a round brush to create volume. Once done, part the hair and roll the sides into hot rollers for approximately 15 minutes. Once the waves are set, remove the rollers and brush the curls with your hands to loosen them. Complete the look by spritzing the hair with a hairspray.

Tamed Curls

Curls can be extremely classy and elegant, if done correctly. If you want to get the perfect curls for the evening party, then start by using a medium-barrel curling iron. Start from the hair near your ear and keep it to that. Curling your entire hair can make your hair unruly but if you concentrate on the hair at the crown then your hair remained tamed. End it with a hairspray that helps you to keep the curls in place.

French Twist

Another popular elegant hairstyle for parties, French twist never goes out of fashion. One can opt to go for the classis twist or make it look a little more interesting by adding accessories.

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Another interesting way to make the twist, one can twist the hair down, instead of up. Do so for about three-quarter of your hair and secure it with hair clips. The leftover hair can be looped into a chignon.

Ballerina Bun

No list of elegant hairstyles can be complete without mentioning the bun. Perfect for masquerade parties, all you need to do is to slick the hair back into a ponytail and make a high bun by rotating the hair and using bobby pins. Complete the look by taming the flyaways with a hairspray.

Casual Hairstyles for Parties

If you are regular to parties, then the hairstyles become more casual. Also, you need to be careful that you are not caught with the same hairstyle in two different parties. The key is to keep it simple yet different for everyday partygoers.

Side Pony

One of the classic options is side ponytails that are popular among women of all age. To keep it chic and stylish, highlight the nape and the shoulders by creating easy waves. To do so, start by blow drying the hair when it is damp.

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Next, apply a hair texturizer and scrunch the hair as you blow dry it. Once the hair is dry, use a curling iron and create the soft waves that fall gently on to your shoulders. Finish the hairstyle by pulling the hair onto a side and pinning it behind the ear.


This is a popular hairstyle among youngsters. To make it, one can use a hair volumizer to a small section of the hair on the crown and pinning it to make the bump.

Loose Waves

Casual parties require casual look; hence, a loose wave is a great option for beach parties and nightclub parties. To get this look, wear the loose locks as naturally as possible.

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But if you want it to stay at place and look perfect, part the hair into sections and wrap it around the curling iron to create soft curls. Use your hands to set the look; keep it messy for casual parties.


This can be elegant and casual. To make it casual and everyday, one can pull the hair back as neatly as possible and braid the ends. If you want to keep it casual, choose fishtail or plain braid. Also, one can part hair and make two braided sections that can look cool and easy on youngsters who like to party.