Popular Loose Waves Teen Hairstyles

Wavy Hairstyle Wavy hair might seem difficult to manage but with the right haircut it might become an incredibly easy to handle hair. What makes wavy hair great is the fact it makes your hair look thick and adds volume to it.

With wavy hair, you can create great hairstyles for your school and also for your party with friends just like straight long length hair.

Top Choices For Loose Wavy Hairstyles For Teens

If you have naturally wavy hair, check the below-mentioned hairstyles that will add charisma to your personality and make you the center of attention in school. These hairstyles are loose and messy making it ideal for teens.

Rocker Waves

For a party out with friends, teens can opt for an edgy hairstyle such as rocker waves. Edgy and stylish, the best way to style it is to leave the hair unwashed. Next, use a flat iron to smoothen only the hair ends.

Next, spray a volumizer onto the hair roots and tease the hair before blow drying it. Flip your hair upside down and comb it to add extra volume onto the top layer of the hair. Flip back the hair and apply pomade to the hair ends for texture and shine.

Layered Bob

A favorite among teens is a layered bob hairstyle that ends under the chin. Perfect for wavy hair, the hairstyle is lightweight and offers volume to your hair while making your waves visible.

Layered Bob

While getting the cut, make sure that the stylist does not cut it too short. Style the hair by flipping the hair outwards and making it sit perfectly on your head. For a younger look, one can also incorporate fringe bangs into the hairstyle.

Wavy Pixie

Another great teen hairstyle option is the textured pixie. Ask your stylist to cut the sides shorter than the hair on the top of your head without making it look like a crew cut.

pixie cut

If you have more hair at the top then you add texture to your waves and make it look more stylish. This is a great option for teens who have thin hair with no volume.

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For fine wavy hair another style that works among teens is a well shaped shag. Wavy hair makes the shag cut even better while adding great body to the hair.

Shag for Medium Length Hair

The layers of the shag helps in keeping the hairstyle lightweight while adding volume to the hair. Make sure that the shortest layers of your shag is no shorter than a few inches; shorter than this can make your waves look unruly and messy.

Retro Waves

If you are not into cutting your hair then opt for a retro wavy look. For best results, one can use a silicone-based gel and blow dry the hair until the hair becomes dry. To add texture, use hot curlers onto your dried hair. Once the curlers have cooled down, remove and loosen the curls with your fingers. Finish the styling by spritzing the hair with a hairspray.

Alternatively, you can also pin curl damp hair and secure the hair with bobby pins.