Popular Retro Hairstyles For Men


Retro Hairstyles For Men Today, there are number of hairstyles that are popular among men that make them to look better and feel good. In spite of the availability of the trendiest hairstyles, men are attracted towards the retro hairstyles for men.

There are popular retro hair styles that have made a comeback from various eras of life. The nostalgia these hairstyles offer cannot be expressed in words and this leads to its popularity that keeps growing every day. But when you are planning to opt for such hairstyle choose the one that best compliments your hair type.

Retro Hairstyles For Men

Curly Hairstyle

If you have thick hair which is naturally curly in nature, you can outshine among the rest with this hairstyle. This is derived from the 1970s look of Afro men who sported this look during this era.

Curly Hairstyle

The longer the hair grows, the thicker would be the style. So make sure that you let your hair grow to sport this style with a good amount of thickness.

Mop Top Hairstyle

If you have fine and straight hair then you can opt for the mop top hairstyle that is highly popular among the retro hairstyles for men this year. This hairstyle was popular among the youngsters as the Beatles team wore this hairstyle.

Mop Top Hairstyles

This is one form of shag style that features a straight cut at the back and is parallel to the level of your chin. The front bangs are cut across the forehead in a straight way in the middle of the brows. The sides of this hairstyle angles in to straight lines towards the back and has two levels.

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Crew Cut Hairstyle

If you are a lover of short hair, then you can prefer a short hair cut which is the crew cut. This cut is similar to that of the buzz cut as the sides and back of your head would have a tapered look and the scalp would be clearly visible.

Crew Cut Hairstyle

The top is left just a bit longer and features a fading effect that is applied from the front to the back. The top has a fading look from the top of the back and the front has longer hair.

Flat Top Hair Cut Hairstyle

Flat top hair is also called as the brush. It is named thus as the top of the head is left long to fall back or to one side. The sides and back are closely cut and are tapered down well. You can also create the flat top hair style as the top of the hair is cut in such a way to resemble a flat pane on the top of your head.

Cary Grant Classic Hairstyle

Cary Grant Classic Hairstyles

This hairstyle is one among the shortest hairstyle that is popular among the retro hairstyles for men. This look was popular due to the actor Cary Grant who sported this hairstyle in the 1930s.

Elvis Presley Hairstyle

This “duck butt” hairstyle is popular among the people after the rock star Elvis Presley who made this hair style very popular among the 80s. This hairstyle has found a great welcome with its comeback.


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