Popular Yet Casual Long Straight Hairstyles

Casual Long Straight Hairstyles Are you bored of the same old hairstyle? If long hair has become more of a bane than a blessing, then try and find hairstyles that suit your long straight hair that will help you transform the tresses and also change the way you look.

Having taken the time to grow your hair, it makes no sense to cut off the long tresses just to change the hairstyle; hence, check the article that contains hairstyles for long straight strands of hair that are casual yet classy.

Casual Long Straight Hairstyles

We all want one hairstyle that suits several occasions – that is, it is casual in appearance and can be made to look elegant and stylish by simply tweaking it. A casual hairstyle is supposed to be unstructured and free-flowing that is easy to maintain.

It is the kind of hairstyle that you will be easily wearing when you go shopping or going for a jog in the park or when you go for a friend’s day out! It should not be simple and plain but structured to match several occasions. Designed to create a low-fuss factor yet versatile; here are a few very popular hair updos for long straight hair:

Crown Hair Braids

This is a casual option that can also look great for an evening out. To style it properly, one can start by applying hair mousse into the damp hair, which will add hold and make it easier to style. Once you have applied the hair mousse, one can part the hair from the middle by using a comb.

 long straight hairstyles

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After you have parted the hair from the middle, use a blow dryer to separate the hair and dry the roots to add volume to the hair roots. Once the hair is blow dried, braid the hair and pin it at the end. Once done, apply a small amount of hairspray to add shine onto the hair.

Jagged Edges

Long hair is cut into layers that gives you a chance to style it by simply making sharp edges that can make it look casual and yet edgy. To start with the hairstyle, simply distribute a minimal amount of hair moisturizer through the mid lengths and the ends of the hair. This will protect the strands and also condition it as you style the hair.

To make the jagged edges, use a medium radial brush to make small waves onto the end of the hair strands and to add body to the hair. Next, use a blow dryer to kick out the hair ends and create flicks at the end of the hair by simply rolling the hair into the brush and blow drying it. Once the strands are done, use wax to piece the hair ends and then tease the hair with a tail comb. Lastly, use a smoothening shine to make it look radiant.


The easiest and the most casual hairstyle is a sleek ponytail. You simply cannot go wrong with this hairstyle and you can simply make it by parting the hair in the middle and smoothening the section with hair serum.

casual hairstyles for long straight hair

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Once you have combed the sections to perfection, one can simply brush back the hair and tie it tightly. To deal with the flyaways one can polish the hair with a spray at the end.

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