Prenatal Vitamins And Hair Growth

Vitamin for hair growth

Vitamin for hair growth Prenatal vitamins support the growth of the hair. Pregnant women usually have beautiful skin and hair and the reason for this is the supplements they take to support the health of the mother and the child. There is an increased blood circulation to various parts of the body including hair.

The nutrient availability to the hair follicles is more due to healthy diet and supplements taken during pregnancy.This leads to healthy, shiny and lush hair. Some of the prenatal vitamins, which can improve hair growth, are as follows.

Prenatal Vitamins And Hair Growth

Folic Acid

Folic acid is very important for healthy hair and its growth. It is water-soluble and does not promote new hair follicle growth as a single vitamin, but it acts in combination with vitamin B to promote hair growth. Deficiency of folic acid can cause change in hair color. Folic acid improves blood circulation and when enough blood reaches the hair follicles, it is nourished with nutrients.

Food rich in folic acid

Thus, it makes the hair shiny and increases its growth. Folic acid helps in the division of cells including follicle cells.  Hair growth depends on normal regeneration of cells, thus a balanced supply of folic acid will improve hair growth. In addition, it reduces premature graying of hair and disorders like alopecia, baldness, etc.

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Biotin is generally thought to be the hair vitamin. It is vital for hair, nail and scalp health. It is a natural vitamin and found in many common foods. Biotin is generally referred as vitamin H, which is required for amino acid metabolism. It aids in energy production.

Biotin for hair growth

It is also referred to as coenzyme R. Studies show that biotin enhances hair growth, increases elasticity and prevents hair breakage. It aids in cell division and prevents hair loss. Biotin supplement will aid faster hair growth and will make it stronger.


Zinc is essential for several biochemical processes in the body including cell division, production, maintaining the level of hormones, absorption of vitamins and minerals and protein synthesis. It is essential for building healthy cells including hair follicles. It helps in hair growth, prevents and treats hair loss. Deficiency of zinc causes hair loss and it is an essential mineral for hair follicles.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is essential for healthy hair and hair follicle health. It reduces stress and depression, which may be a general cause for hair fall.  Vitamin D is an important precursor for hair growth and is a vital nutrient in hair growth cycle. Vitamin D is converted into calcidiol and then into calcitriol in the body, which is the biologically active form of the vitamin in the human body.

Vitamin D

It regulates the development of hair inside the follicles, which aids in the cycle of hair growth. Vitamin D is important in the growth phase of the hair follicles. Studies show that vitamin D receptor in follicle can cause alopecia. Its deficiency can cause deficit in building blocks required for hair growth.

Vitamin C

vitamin c

This vitamin helps in promoting a healthy immune system and also has a wonderful effect on your mane. Besides, maintaining your hair color, it also fights against premature hair loss. Those who lack vitamin C in the diet will have brittle, dry hair that is prone to breakage. Adequate intake of Vitamin C will make the hair stronger and will help you have beautiful locks.