Prom Hairstyles For Layered Hair

Prom Hairstyles For Layered Hair If you have long hair then the styling options are endless for the prom. There are innumerable ways that you can style the hair and make it look glamorous, flirty, and fun. What works in favor of layered hair is the difference in length, which makes styling easy and also different. For the perfect prom look, all you need to do is to get perfect styling tools that will allow you to get the effortless look while having fun showing off the long layers.

Top Options for Layered Hairstyles

Most girls want a prom look that is not too formal and grown up. They want to look glamorous and effortless; hence, the list below lists out few of the messy layered looks that is perfect for prom girls.

Down Loose

One of the best messy looks is the down loose hairstyle that requires no styling tools. To get the perfect texturized and down loose look, one can start by parting the hair at the center. Next, use some texturizing cream and scrunch the hair as you apply it all around the hair from the scalp to the hair ends.

Prom Hairstyles For Layered Hair


Once you have applied the cream, twist a few sections of the parted hair and roll it around and set it loosely. If you want the hair to stay in place and not fall on your face, one can use a hairspray to set it.

Messy Chignon

Youngsters do not want to go with a neat chignon; instead opt for the messy one for your prom night. To make a perfect messy chignon all you need to do is to tease the hair on the top and create volume. Next, rake the hair and allow the shorter layers to fall loosely around the face. Take the rest of the hair and tie a loose ponytail and then twist the hair into a loose chignon at the nape of the neck. Lastly, pin it with bobby pins to keep it in place.

Loose Bun

Another hairstyle that allows you to show off the layers is a loose bun. For this one needs to blow dry the hair while using a texturizing balm with your fingers. The hair balm adds texture to your layered hair and also adds volume which will make your bun look bigger.

prom hairstyles for layered hair


Once done, secure it into a loose ponytail at the crown and then shape it into a bun. Secure the bun with elastic bands. For a messy look, one can loosen the hair at the sides and at the top of the head with a fine-toothed comb. Alternatively, one can use a hairband and use hair accessories to accentuate the style.


Proms are the time when girls opt to wear long flowing gowns and dresses and this goes very well with a bouffant hairstyle. Layered hair looks extremely great in a bouffant as it gives the hair volume and texture. Start by back combing the hair with a hairspray. Next, tease the hair at the top to build volume as you part the hair at the center. Once this is done, pull back the two sections and pin it at the back below the crown with bobby pins.

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Half-Up Ponytail

If you are one of the many girls who cannot decide whether to keep the hair up or down then opt for the half updo that is again a great option for layered hair. To create a perfect half updo, one can rake the hair at the top of the head and secure it into a loose ponytail. If you want to uplift the hair at the top then tighten the pony. Lastly, take the pony and twist sections of the hair to create curled sections.

Defined Waves

prom hairstyles


If you want to accentuate your layered haircut then opt to keep it loose while creating waves around the ends. Start by parting the hair at the center and using a curling iron to create defined waves at the end. Next, let the hair cool off and brush off the curls with your fingers. This is a perfect glamour look that is worn by a number of celebrities who like to keep it simple and yet fashionable.

Rolled Sides

If you want to look sporty on the prom night then start by making a center parting. Next, blow dry the hair and create loose curls by using a curling iron and a small-toothed comb that allows to create sections that can be twisted with your fingers. Gather the sections of twisted hair and fasten it with elastic bands. Great teen hairstyle, it can be a great looking prom hairstyle that can be neat.

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