Prom Hairstyles For Medium Hair

Prom Hairstyles For Medium Hair If you have medium length hair then there are innumerable hairstyle options that can make your prom night even more special. Though the general belief is that medium hair is difficult to style, you can easily outdo this myth by styling your medium length hair perfectly and by looking like a celebrity on your prom night.

Top Hairstyles for Prom & How to Create Them

If you have hair that is not long and neither short then you might want to stay away from classic long layers or braids that look best with long straight hair. Few of your best medium hair styling options are listed below:


Though many consider that people with long hair can only make perfect bouffant but that is untrue. With medium hair too, you can create a half-up classic bouffant updo that can add height and also frame your face at the same time. The best way to create it with medium hair is to use a volumizing shampoo and conditioner just before styling it. Next, comb the hair and spritz it with a leave-in conditioner.

If that is not enough to add volume, one can also spray a volumizing hairspray as you use a blow dryer to straighten the strands. Then use a curling iron to add curls at the sides and at the back of your head. Hairstyles For Medium Hair


Next, section the hair from the top till the back and backcomb it separately. Once all sections are backcombed, gather all the sections and make a half updo at the crown. Be gentle with your hair when creating the bouffant because being too rough can deflate it. Once you have added enough height, clip it in place and pull the soft curls to frame your face. End the hairstyling by finger combing the curls for a more natural lookand then spray it with a hair setting spray.

High Bun

A classic bun looks good with every type of dress and every occasion. But if you have medium length hair then it is necessary to style it correctly or you might be left with too many flyaways that can transform your prom hairstyle to a nightmare. To make the perfect prom bun, start by using a volumizing mousse onto freshly shampooed hair. Next, gather the hair loosely and start to smoothen the sections with a flat brush.

Once done, secure the hair into a ponytail with an elastic band. Use a rat-tail comb to tease the hair in the pony and start setting it into a poufy bun by winding and twisting the hair. Use hairpins to secure the hair bun and anchor into the shape you want. Lastly, spray some hold hairsprayand tame the flyaways. To add glamour to the evening, add a sparkly hairband or a brooch to the bun.

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Side Bun

In recent time, side buns are in vogue thanks to the various celebrities who sport the updo. This side bun can be perfect for prom night as it adds playfulness to your hairdo while making it look elegant and stylish. To style it perfectly use a styling mousse onto your dry hair. Next, take the hair from behind one ear and twist it along the scalp.

While twisting add more and more hair as you work towards the other ear. Once you reach the other ear, grasp the hair and coil it into a pony with an elastic band. To make soft curls, one can easily pull a few tendrils of hair out prevent flyaways by spritzing the hairwith a spray.


If you want classic long bobs for your medium-length hair, then it is necessary to speak to your stylist and get your hair trimmed for the occasion with hair being longer in front and shorter at the back. Prom medium bob hairstyles


Now, take the hair and section it while running a hair cream to give it a sleek look. Next, blow dry it at the ends and let the hair ends edgier to add spunk to your hairstyle. End the styling routine by applying hair mist that will smoothen the hair and also add shine to the hair.

Basic Blowout

If you do not want to try something fancy for the prom night then one can simply get a basic blowout that shows off the length and the real texture of your hair. This works great for youngsters because it is very easy to make; all you need to do is to apply a straightening hair cream and blow dry the hair using a round brush. Next, lift the hair roots with a back comb. Lastly, use a flat iron to dry the hair and set the hair serum.

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