Protein Oil for Healthy Hair


Protein oil for healthy hairA very few people are blessed with lustrous and healthy hair, even though a majority among us are striving for it. Having long, radiant, thick hair that glows with vigor is one of the major factors contributing positively to your personality. Besides enhancing your appearance, healthy hair is a real asset for women allowing them to adopt suitable and preferred hairstyles that complement their face.

Many people, both men and women, often fail to accomplish the goal of having healthy and shiny hair due to many reasons, and one among them is protein deficiency. Hormone problems, vitamin insufficiencies, lack of moisture content etc. are some other factors contributing to hair loss and slow cycle of hair growth. Certain prescription drugs such as antibiotics and steroids also cause hair thinning and hair loss.

One way in which you can compensate for the protein loss of hair, which is a major factor for unhealthy hair, is by nourishing your scalp and hair with protein oils. Protein oils will instill your hair follicle with the much-required moisture and strengthening elements making your hair healthy. Nurturing your hair with a protein-rich oil also rewards you with silky soft hair that does not suffer from split ends and other hair problems.

The article intends to explore the importance of protein oils for hair and some of the vital protein oils that can be used to treat you hair to keep it healthy.

Importance Of Protein Oil For Healthy Hair

The structure of our hair is mainly constituted of protein. About 88% of the hair contains keratin protein with the remaining 12% containing water. Therefore, maintaining an appropriate balance between these two components, protein and water, forms the basis for healthy hair. A more manageable and problem-free hair can be yours by harmonizing the protein and water content.

Lack of protein in body will be manifested in many forms such as unhealthy and brittle hair, dull skin, delicate nails, weak bones and other forms of overall ill health to internal organs. The required amount of protein can be fed into the body mainly by eating protein-rich foods. By changing your diet by making it a protein rich one you will discover remarkable effects towards hair growth. Major protein rich foods are eggs, dairy products, soy, fish, chicken, pork and turkey, fowl, nuts etc.

Applying protein oils on hair and scalp is an external way to nourish your hair with protein. Since protein provides strength and structure to hair, the importance of it cannot be overlooked if you sincerely want healthy and lustrous hair. Many hair care products available in the market claim that they are protein rich. Remember to choose cold pressed or non-distilled oils as most of the essential oils do not contain protein particles.

Protein aids in giving more elasticity to hair strands making them supple, and protects the hair cuticles by sealing it. With proper protein nourishment, hair shaft can withstand and fight brittleness and other hair weaknesses. Protein deficient hair is more prone to breakage, dullness and thinning.

Besides enriching your hair with protein, do not forget to nourish it with adequate moisture content. Protein oils do the function of holding on the moisture content of the hair shafts by properly sealing them. It is advisable to apply light coating of protein oil after applying a good quality hair moisturizer. Daily application of protein oils stimulates the hair follicles by enhancing blood circulation in the scalp and hence promotes healthy hair growth.

Different Types Of Oils For Healthy Hair

Virgin Coconut Oil

According to many studies, it has been brought to light that virgin coconut oil is the best protein oil for hair in comparison to both sunflower and mineral oils. Both damaged and undamaged hair can greatly benefit from coconut oil application as it deeply locks in the moisture content of hair.

Protein oil for healthy hair

Coconut oil offers a completely risk-free and nourishing protection to hair strands. The active ingredient in the oil known as lauric acid mimics the abilities of protein and easily breaks through the hair shafts. Always choose virgin coconut oil and not the refined version since the latter does not contain the essential fatty acids that promote hair growth.

The saturated fatty acids in the virgin coconut oil help in preserving the moisture content of hair. Massaging slightly warm coconut oil will offer a relaxing and nourishing experience by stimulating lustrous hair growth. It is advisable to use a mild shampoo to wash off the oil, since excessive oil clogging may block the hair follicles. Virgin coconut oil is an excellent remedy for protein deficiency and hair loss.

Sweet Almond Oil

Sweet almond oil has been traditionally used for hair treatments. This excellent carrier oil contains protein elements (Olein Glyceride Linoleic Acid) that nurture hair follicles. The pale yellow colored oil works best when mixed with castor oil or sandalwood oil. This protein loaded oil works as a good moisture sealant and hydrates hair properly.

Protein Oil For healthy hair

This it ensures healthy growth of long hair. Sweet almond oil is also packed with other nutrients such as vitamins A, D, B1, B2, B6 and E. The non-greasiness of the oil makes it favorite protein oil among many people. For a nourishing protein oil treatment for hair you can mice almond oil with egg yolk, lavender oil and jojoba. Application of this blend onto the scalp ensures vigorous growth of hair.

Hemp Oil

In order to have good nourishment for your hair from inside out, hemp oil is the best option. Extracted from hemp seeds, hemp oil is enriched with not only protein. It also contains essential fatty acids and vitamins including vitamin C.

Oil for healthy hair

The oil also offers emollient action ensuring retention of moisture content. The protein components of hemp oil are also great in enhancing the texture and appearance of hair. Hemp oil is also useful in making skin softer and nails stronger owing to the protein elements.

Avocado oil

This edible oil has been conventionally used by many cultures across the globe to treat numerous hair problems and to stimulate healthy hair growth. People with extremely dry hair can greatly benefit from this nourishing oil. The oil is loaded with proteins, vitamins A, D, E, B6, monounsaturated fatty acids, magnesium, copper, iron, phytosterols, amino acids and folic acid. These elements are excellent in promoting hair growth.

Oil for healthy hair

Since proteins are the basic substances that constitute hair internal and external consumption of protein is essential for healthy growth of hair. The best way to externally nourish your scalp with proteins is a good massage with protein oil. If you want to enjoy healthy, lustrous and long hair, embrace good quality protein oil as part of your daily hair care regime.