Reasons For Hair Loss at A Young Age

hair loss new Today we all have a lifestyle in which we are never too young for any bad thing to happen to us. It is just that it can be temporary, permanent, recoverable or irreversible. Hair loss is one such common problem. It necessarily does not come with ageing or due to unfortunate situations of chemotherapy like most of us thinks it to be.

There can be something in our day to day life that goes unnoticed causing hair loss. So if you are losing more than a 100 strands in a day, it is a serious problem and you need to find out a reason for it and cure before it is late. These are some common reasons for young people to lose hair.

Causes For Hair Loss At Young Age


If hair loss has been going on through generations, it is likely that a young man can lose hair. Like the way you inherited your parents’ or grandparents’ looks, habits and manners in the same way you inherit their hair losing tendency. It is due to lack of a by-product of testosterone that hair loss occurs and is continued up to generations. Though it is not incurable, but the chances of curing it are petty.

Lack of Essential Nutrients

Improper diet and less intake of food with nutritional value is a major cause for losing hair. Lack of iron, minerals, and essential vitamins in our body have a major impact on the quality and quantity of hair.


Severe deficiencies often lead to hair loss even before we realise. It is also necessary to cut down on caffeine, alcohol and junk food for our body to have a stronger metabolism and overall healthiness.


Ringworms on the scalp are a common cause for loss of hair. Alopecia Areata is a condition that might take place at a very young age, causing loss of hair in patches and later complete baldness.

hair loss

However, in most of the cases, the hair grows back within a year. Progressive miniaturization is a process that first leads to less hair growth and if unidentified causes hair loss.

Medicines And Drugs

There are various over the counter drugs excess consumption of which may lead to hair loss without even coming under notice.

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You may know the exact medicine for common illnesses but it is always a safer option to consult your doctor before taking it. Drug addiction is also a major cause for hair loss. It may react as quickly as losing hair from the first day you get into the dark side.


Fashion is a good buddy, but styling tools are surely not the best friends of your hair. And it is not only about the hot styling tools, gels, serum, detergent based shampoos and conditioners. Hair loss can be caused due to the tight hairdos that involve your hair into a lot of pulling and tightening causing hair follicles to become weak and eventually loss of hair. So do not torture your hair with unhealthy styling. Keep it cool and ventilated for it to serve you best.