Reasons For Hair Loss In Women

Reasons Of Hair Loss Hair loss is an issue of great concern. Not only women, but men also suffer from the problem of hair loss. But, as hair is the crowning glory of women, the problem of hair fall is more disturbing for women. Hair fall of around 60-80 strands on daily basis is quite natural in case of women due to hair washing, hair combing and hair styling.

However, if the number exceeds 60-80 strands, it is a serious issue. Women get highly tensed when they see a gradual increase in hair fall. They rush to the market to find products which can help to restore their hair. However, it is best to make use of natural remedies for dealing with hair loss issue. With the help of understanding the causes of hair loss in women, the problem can be dealt very effectively. Here follows a discussion on a few reasons for hair loss in women.

Causes Of Hair Loss In Women

The most common causes of hair fall in women have been discussed as under:

Lack Of Nutrition

The major cause of hair loss in women is lack of nutrition. If the scalp does not get proper nutrition, the hair follicles are not stimulated for growth.

Reasons for hair loss

It is vital to feed the hair appropriately by eating healthy and nutritious foods, so that the hair follicles are stimulated for producing more hair. A few food products which are considered to be healthy for hair consist of fruits, cereals, whole grains, green vegetables, fish and milk.

Improper Blood Circulation In The Scalp

Another major cause of hair loss in women is lack of blood circulation in the scalp. If the blood does not flow properly throughout the scalp, hair loss is encouraged and hair growth is restricted. It is extremely important to promote blood circulation in the scalp by way of warm oil scalp massage. Regular scalp massage would help in boosting up blood circulation in the scalp, consequently promoting hair growth.

Hormonal Fluctuation

During pregnancy, there is hormonal fluctuation in women, which boosts up the hair growth process. However, as soon as a woman gives birth to a baby, the hair starts falling at a rapid pace. This hair fall can be restricted by way of regular scalp massage and appropriate nutrition.

Lack Of Hydration

Another reason for hair loss in women is lack of hydration. If the hair are not properly hydrated, the hair becomes dry, rough and brittle.

Reason Of hair Loss

Women should drink lot of water every day so that the strength of the hair is maintained, and hair remains soft and smooth. The hydration level of the hair would be improved with the aid of ample consumption of water, thus preventing hair loss.


Stress also triggers hair fall. Stress and tension in life have a major toll on the health of hair. Women should try to remain free of stress by way of practicing meditation and yoga on regular basis. Hair loss would be restricted and overall health would be improved with the help of practicing these stress relieving techniques.