Reasons For Hair Loss Or Breakage

Hair loss is one of the most common problems amongst men and women. It could be serious and lead to baldness if not treated or taken care immediately. The overall health of a person is directly proportional to eating habits.

Once that is taken care of, it reflects in healthy hair and radiant skin. However, there are several reasons for hair loss and breakagethat we are going to discuss in this article. Read on to find out more.

Reasons For Hair Loss

Common Causes Of Hair Loss

Deficient In Vitamin D

One of the most important sources for healthy hair is Vitamin D, lack of which, could lead to hair loss and breakage. Getting enough sunlight and having Vitamin D supplements could correct this deficiency gradually. Go to a dermatologist and get proper health tests done to find out if you are Vitamin D deficient or not.

Deficient in Biotin

Hair loss

Biotin deficiency could also lead to hair breakage. It is one source that is responsible for strong hair strands deeply rooted to the scalp. If your roots become weak, it automatically leads to hair breakage and hair loss. Therefore, have biotin supplements and use hair products containing biotin to make hair stronger and healthier.

Unhealthy Dietary Habits

Proper nutrition is very essential for the overall functioning of the body. You may have read several articles stressing on eating green vegetables and fresh fruits. It is because, they give the body enough anti-oxidants required to flush out toxins as well as vital vitamins for healthy skin and hair. People on junk food usually face hair loss which could be checked by changing your dietary habits. Drink plenty of fluids, at least 8-10 glasses of water each day to keep you hydrated.

Lack Of Hair Care Regime

Improper hair care routine leads to hair loss and breakage. Just like skin, hair too, needs proper care. Use a good shampoo which is mild and takes care of your hair. Do not wash your hair every day.

Reasons for hair fall

It just makes your roots weak and susceptible to breakage. Always, condition your hair after shampoo. Use protein rich conditioners that will provide necessary protein for hair growth and thus, prevent hair loss.

Do Not Overuse Hair Products

Hair styling products like gel or mousse may contain harmful chemicals that may trigger hair breakage. Hair products should be free of alcohol that makes hair frizzy and dull. Hair styling equipments like iron or curlers should not be used regularly. Too much heat on the hair causes hair breakage. Therefore, make sure to use a heat resistant hair product before straightening or curling.

Health And Hereditary Reasons

Hair loss is also a genetic problem. Some people inherit from their parents. Several health disorders cause hair loss such as cancer. Being on too much medication can have adverse effects on the body resulting in hair breakage and loss. See the doctor immediately to get medicines changed or take an alternative hair treatment.

No one likes loosing hair. The above mentioned reasons for hair breakage and hair loss are just a few which everyone should keep in mind and avoid.