Reasons For Women’s Hair Loss


Causes of hair lossThough both men and women get highly disturbed and tensed when they face hair loss, however, it is a cause of great concern among women, as hair plays a very important role in determining the beauty and personality of a woman.

Causes Of Women’s Hair Loss

Hair loss in women can occur due to various factors. In this article, we shall discuss about a few common hair loss causes. With the help of eliminating the causes, the problem of hair fall can be dealt to some extent. Let us proceed ahead to discuss about the reasons for women’s hair loss.

Lack Of Hair Care

One of the most common causes of hair loss in women is improper hair care. Women who do not make use of the right kind of hair products are prone to suffer from hair loss issue.  Also, women who wash their hair daily face hair loss issue, as daily hair washing results in loss of natural moisture from the hair, consequently making the hair dry and brittle. Brushing the hair when wet also causes hair fall, as wet hair are very fragile, and are prone to breakage.

Hormonal Imbalance

Hair loss in women can occur due to hormonal imbalance. The most common factor which causes hormonal imbalance is pregnancy. Though during pregnancy, hair grows at a rapid pace, however, immediately after the delivery of the baby, hair starts falling at a fast pace. All these changes take place due to fluctuation in the hormones as soon as a woman conceives and as soon as she delivers the baby.


Causes Of hair loss

Women are very fond of coloring and perming their hair these days. It is of no doubt that these hair treatments help in augmenting the beauty of the hair. However, the chemicals that are involved in these treatments have a major toll on the health of the hair, consequently causing hair loss.

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Heat is very damaging for the health of the hair and exposure of the hair to heat is one of the common hair loss causes. Women make extensive use of heat generating hair styling equipments like curling iron, straightening rod and blow dryer to style their hair. However, these equipments are not good for the health of the hair.

Reason for hair loss

These equipments generate heat, and therefore when they come in contact with the hair, the health of the hair gets deteriorated, and hair fall occurs as a result. Apart from the heat of styling equipments, the heat from the sun is also damaging for the hair. Women who do not cover their hair with a scarf or hat before heading out in sun, are expected to suffer from hair loss issue.

Improper Nutrition

One of the most common hair loss causes is lack of nutrition. Women who do not take proper care of their diet have various health related issues, with hair loss being one of them. Excessive consumption of junk foods and fried foods deteriorate the health of overall body. Hair fall is also one of the side effects of improper nutrition.