Safe And Effective Exercise For Hair Loss Control

hair loss

hair loss With increasing external and harmful factors like UV rays of the sun, pollution, chlorine treated water and even something like an unhealthy lifestyle and eating habits, there are various hair crises that people have to go through. This means that there is more and more need for hair care measures and ones that are safe, simple to follow, natural and free from side effects and risks.

One of the quite prevalent problems of hair is that of hair loss which almost every person faces at some level nowadays. Once you know you are suffering from the same, the best is to hunt down the top most cures and treatments that can get you freedom from the dilemma. The idea is to pick some of them and work on regularly to get visible outcomes.

This might strike the magic and control hair loss to a great extent. Apart from natural masks and remedies as well as diet changes, there is another aspect that can prove to be quite beneficial. Exercising is something which not only helps in keeping fit but if done in the right manner, it can help you with controlling hair loss. Check them out below-

Hair Loss Exercises Guide

Relaxation Exercise

One of the topmost scalp exercises that help in greatly controlling the hair loss is that of relaxation technique. This includes all kinds of laxity exercises which if followed regularly will help you relax the scalp and reduce hair loss. This can be done anytime you want to, once you get a hang of the right methods to follow.

Relaxation Exercise

Sit on a chair in an upright position followed by arm lifting and opening the hands and then placing it on the back of the scalp. Clasp the fingers properly and now move the scalp up and down in a slow and gentle way without any movements of the fingers. This should be done 20 times before you relax for 10 seconds and repeat the same process 10 times each day for best results.

Side Scalp Maneuver

A side scalp laxity exercise is again of the top most options of exercises for treating hair loss. Herein, you again need to sit upright on a chair and hold the hands on the sides of the hair.

Safe And Effective Exercise For Hair Loss Control

Both will be just above the same side ear and the fingers should be straight but not clasping each other. Now start moving the scalp up and down without any movements of the hands. The scalp should be moved for the next 2 minutes after which you can relax a little and then again repeat the same process. Do these 10 times everyday to get perfect outcomes.

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Head Knock Massage Exercise

To improve the blood flow to the hair follicles and to improve their health to control hair loss, massaging is one of the exercises. Not only will it treat the problem in the first place but also give you many other benefits for the health of the hair including hair growth.

You will need to do it with knuckles especially the one of the index finger. Make sure you cover the entire head with the knuckle massage for the next 30 seconds once you relax for 10 seconds you can repeat the massage.