Scalp Psoriasis And Hair Loss – Causes And Treatments


Scalp Psoriasis And Hair LossDo you have thick and red patches on your scalp that are always itchy? Then it means you are suffering from scalp psoriasis, which is a very disturbing condition that makes your scalp to look unsightly. When this condition is severe, it will lead to scalp psoriasis and hair loss.

Though hair loss is temporary, your scalp can look tender and have inflamed patches. There are many causes for hair loss when you are suffering from this scalp condition. Do not feel low if you have this scalp condition as you can treat it immediately and get it cured within a short time. Read on this article to identify some root causes of hair loss during this disease and ways to treat it effectively.

Causes Of Scalp Psoriasis And Hair Loss

Removing The Scales In The Acalp Using Force

When you have severe scalp psoriasis, your scalp will have very thick scales that would be white or grey in color. The unsightly look will make you want to remove them using extreme force. This process of removing the scales would also lead to hair fall in huge numbers.

Scratching The Scalp Frequently

Scratching The Scalp Frequently

This medical condition has a trait of being extremely itchy which would make you to scratch it vigorously. This will make the hair to come off its shaft as you might pull it with your nails. When the scratching is repeated, it would lead to a hair loss condition called as traction alopecia.

Effects Of Medications For Scalp Psoriasis

Sometimes, few medicines that you intake can cause a connection between scalp psoriasis and hair loss. Some medicines would have ingredients like salicylic acid, which can cause severe damage to the hair and lead to hair loss. Sometimes, vigorous scalp treatment would also cause severe hair loss. However, this is a temporary hair loss, as the hair will grow back as soon as the treatment stops.

Immense Stress Levels


When suffering from an irritating condition like the scalp psoriasis, it can lead to immense stress. Stress induces your hair to enter the telogen phase, which is also known as the resting phase in the Scratching The Scalp Frequently. When your body undergoes this phase, you will lose lot of hair all at once making you look bald.

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Treating Scalp psoriasis And Hair Loss

Removing The Scales Gently

Your dermatologist would advice you to remove the scales gently as it is the first step towards the treatment of this condition. Try to comb or brush softly using its flexible blisters with round tips on the scaly region so that you do not disturb the hair while taking care to remove the scales alone.

Avoid Harsh Shampoos

avoid harsh shampoo

Try to use medicated shampoo a day and non-medicated one the other day to alleviate the harshness of the medicated shampoo on your scalp. Remember to ask your doctor’s opinion before trying it.

Natural Cure

aloe vera

You can even research a bit and try some tested natural items such as aloe Vera, saw palmetto, henna etc to get some immediate relief from the itchiness and get good hair growth.


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