Seven Excellent Tips On Hair Breakage

Hair Breakage

Hair BreakageHair breakage is a problem that often traumatizes women because it is one of the body parts that add beauty and personality to women. Hair breakage can be caused due to various reasons – lack of care, malnutrition, weather, poor health, etc.

But whatever may be the reason, hair breakage should be treated at early stage before it reaches to its root. This article will give your few tips to cure hair breakage as early as possible.

Tips for Hair Breakage

Trim Your Hair Regularly

Trim your hair at regular basis to remove the split ends of hair. Trim your hair till it has split end. Remove split ends to avoid further breakage of hair.

Hydrate Your Hair

You need to hydrate your hair everyday because hair breakage is happened because of dehydration of hair. For this reason wash your hair everyday to hydrate it. Oil helps to retain moisture on hair. For this reason mix few drops of coconut oil and few drops of water properly in a container. Now apply that water mixed oil on your hair. Regular massage of this product helps to solve the problem of hair breakage.

Oil Massage on Hair

Oil massage is very effective to cure hair breakage. For hair breakage you can take any of coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil, canola oil, etc.

almond oil

Pour the needed amount of oil in a container and place it on boiling water. This helps to make the oil warm. Massage warm oil on your hair gently and then wrap a thick towel on your hair for hour or two. Regular massage of oil supplies nutrition to hair and solves hair breakage problem.

Egg and Yogurt

Egg yolk is actually fat and it effectively cures breakage of hair if it happens due to dryness and malnutrition of hair. Break one egg and beat it properly. Add few drops of yogurt in it. Mix well and give your hair a thick coat of it.

Leave it for an hour and then wash your hair. Egg yolk supplies needed oil for dry hair whereas white portion of egg (protein) nourishes your hair supplying needed protein. Regular application of egg on hair reduces the problem of hair breakage.

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Aloevera Gel and Sesame Oil

Take some fresh aloevera gel and mix few drops of sesame oil in it. Mix well and apply the mixture on your hair. Regular application of this product helps to cure hair breakage very effectively.

Ground Nut, Pea Nut and Sunflower Oil

Pea Nut and Sunflower Oil

Soak some ground nut and peanut in water. Grind it to paste. Now add few drops of sunflower oil in the paste. Mix well and apply it on your hair. Wait for half an hour and then wash with plain water. Apply this paste on your hair at least once in a week and soon get rid of hair breakage.

Yogurt and Honey

Mix yogurt and honey in equal amount and apply this on your hair. Apply this on your hair regularly and then wash with plain water. Regular application of yogurt and honey helps to cure the problem of hair breakage.

Follow these tips and cure your hair breakage of your own. In spite of taking all types of care if the problem persists do not forget to take the opinion of hair specialist.