Short And Cute Pageboy Hairstyles

Not everyone knows that the pageboy hairstyle dates back to the 1950s and was considered a sophisticated hairstyle for the elite. It got its name from the fact that it was similar to the hairstyle of the English page boys during those times. It became very popular when a number of film celebrities started adorning it and it became extremely popular among the masses. Today, it is often mistaken for a bob haircut due to the uncanny similarity between the two.

Popular Pageboy Hairstyles

The key to this hairstyle is the haircut. Make sure that your stylist cuts it below the ear and curls the ends outwards. Suitable for all hair types and lengths, pageboy hairstyles have made a huge comeback in recent times. There are very few variations, check few of them below:

1940s Pageboy Style

To make this hairstyle, wash the hair part the locks when the hair is wet. Next, section the hair at a 90-degree angle and then smoothen the hair with a comb. Spray each section of the hair with a hair lotion. To style it, hold the section with the index finger and roll it upwards into a pin curl. Do so in a clockwise direction while forming a circle with an index finger.

1940's pageboy hairstyle

Next, pin the curl with a bobby pin to create the perfect base for the curls. Section the rest of the hair and roll it into the curler at the back of the head. Make sure that the head is parted well and the curls are forming in sections without falling into your face. Also, keep two curls above the ear and also on top of the head.

Once this is done, one can use a hair setting spray onto the hair before taking out the curls and pins after a few hours. Gently unwind the curls with your fingers to give it a more natural flow. Avoid brushing but in case the curls are difficult to untangle then brush off outwards. Lastly, backcomb the fringes and use a shine serum to add shine to the hair.

1950s Pageboy Style

This is a more natural look, as compared to the 1940’s style. Do not damp the hair but simply start by sectioning the hair and holding each section with hair clips. Make around four sections and then lift up each section to spritz it with a hold hairspray. Brush while spraying into the sections separately.

1950s Pageboy Style

When this is done, use a curling iron to curl the front ends of the hair. Next, wrap the hair around the curling iron till the curl is intact. Secure each curl into a section with clips. Following the same method, continue sectioning and curling the hair ends. Keep the clips on for approximately 15 minutes and then remove the clips. To add bounce to the brush out the hair and spray it with freeze-hold spray.

A-Line Pageboy

Another edgy option is an A-line where the hair is cut longer in the front and short at the back. To make it edgier, one can also include bangs which can enhance the jawline and sharp features.

Classic Pageboy

Though the 1940s and 1950s are often considered the original pageboy look, many consider classic pageboy style to be the one that is straight and short like a bob hairstyle with bangs and blunt haircut.

Classic Pageboy

It is in contrast to the curls of the 40’s and 50’s pageboy hairstyles where the hair is worn in layers. In most cases, the classic pageboy hairstyle is a combination of bob and layers where the latter offers volume to the hair.

Layered Pageboy

One can also texturize their hair by wearing a layered pageboy hairstyle; it works well for people who have thin hair or facing hair loss problems.