Short Choppy Hairstyles


Choppy layers are the most smart and stylish layers of the season. You can now renovate your lifeless and dull locks with a sophisticated and stunning hairstyle. Choppy hairstyles have the ability to change the look and give the wearer a totally new attitude and personality to sport. Choppy layers can be sported on all hair lengths, be it short medium or long. 

Choppy hairstyles in short hair can be very easy to style and maintain. They can make your thin locks look thick and revitalize your hair. Here are four amazing short choppy hairstyles for you to flaunt this party season. 

Stylish Short Choppy Hairstyles

The Pixie Crop

The pixie crop is a very edgy and smart hairstyle to sport. This style looks wonderful on women and makes them look sharp and daring, by enhancing their facial features. The pixie crop is a choppy hairstyle as in this hairstyle the hair is simply chopped to get a smart and savvy pixie crop. This style is very easy to maintain and the maintenance required is to only get the crop regularly trimmed at the hair stylists’ so the pixie crop doesn’t outgrow itself.

pixie crop

Get your hair cut in the form of a choppy pixie crop and also get a mini fringe cut in the front which is not symmetrical in nature and is choppy and short. Blow- dry the hair to add some volume to it and run your fingers through the hair to get a messy and tousled look. Complete the look by applying a light misty hairspray so that the hair is set.

The Short Wavy Choppy Layered Hairstyle 

The short wavy choppy layered hairstyle is a wonderful hairstyle to sport on both formal and casual occasions. To get this look your hair should be short and cut in wavy choppy layers so that the hair looks wavy and care free in the layers. Now detangle the hair with the help of a wide toothed comb.

Short Wavy Choppy Layered Hairstyle

Once this has been done divide your hair into different sections and then with the help of a blow dryer, blow dry the hair to add some volume to the layers. You can even pair this look with a playful side fringe to dramatize the look further. Complete the look by applying a good hairspray to keep the layers in place. 

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The Short And Sharp Choppy Hairstyle 

The short and sharp choppy hairstyle is a very edgy hairstyle to sport. It does not require much maintenance as the hair is in the form of straight and sharp layers.

sharp choppy hairstyles

To get this look your short hair should be cut in choppy and sharp layers. You can then flat iron the hair with the help of a straightener to make the layers all the more distinct and sharp. Complete the look by applying serum to the hair to add gloss and shine to the hair. 

The Tapering Choppy Bob 

Tapering Choppy Bob

The tapering choppy bob is very modern hairstyle. The choppy bob is a very convenient hairstyle and can be sported on both casual and formal occasions. To get this look your hair should be cut in the form of a tapering choppy bob, sharp and short at the back and long and tapering in the front.