Short Emo Hairstyles For Girls

Teenagers have zeal to be experimental with their look and hairstyle to support and be a look-alike of their favorite rock star. Emo hairstyles have been in trend mainly due to the jazzy and funky look it gives to the hair. The overall impact of Emo look comes out with the right attitude. It is not every girl’s cup of tea to carry the look the way it is supposed to be.

The hairstyles can be combined with bangs, fringes and soft curls for all lengths of hair. you can use varied colors to give texture and depth to the look, but make sure you do not indulge into heavy experimentation at the first go. Here are some short Emo hairstyles that are cute, fashionable and trendy.

Stylish Short Emo Hairstyles

Longer Strands On The Sides

For this short hair style, hair can be grown up to shoulder length maximum. Leave the strands longer on the sides, cut unevenly and leaving delicate feathery look. These strands cover up most of the face portion from the sides.

Longer Strands On The Sides

This is a very daring look. You can also color the hair into a different shade or add twin shades to give depth. Do not try on faces that are very broad, the look might make the face broader. Moreover, it is ideal for females having thin hair.

Straight Hair And Strands

For very straight hair, if you want the rock star look, go for haircut up to neckline and strands on the front sides, which reach the collarbone. Keep the hair short on the crown to get a fuller look. Use a lot of hair gel to give a carefree look to the hair and style in all directions giving a voluminous and messy appearance. This liberated look can be given a tip dip to add the glam factor. You can also try maintaining shags on one side to give a fuller appearance.

Uneven Trims

For this hairstyle, get a choppy trim all over the head, on the sides and crown. Get sharp, uneven and sudden trims along the front and sides. Use bangs that go from one side to the opposite for an altogether different style.

Uneven Trims

A word of caution: do not out do at the first attempt if you are not sure about the appearance it will give your face. This I do not care look works wonders with the right attitude. Use highlighters of shades like blue or purple to complete the style.

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Heavy Forehead Fringes

Let down an uneven chop on the sides leaving the ends feathery. Leave a heavy fringe that remains uneven on the forehead. This is a very different style and shows a rebellious attitude.

heavy forehead fringes

You can use interesting double highlights and can look equally vulnerable at the same time. If you have a dark skin tone, avoid keeping the fringe very heavy as it casts shadow on the face giving a deeper look. This versatile hairdo works equally well on wavy to straight hair and fine to thick hair.