Short Hair Styles 2013 For Women

Short Wavy Casual Hairstyle With the summers and monsoons approaching it is obviously more convenient to wear your hair short. Short hair today, need not be necessarily associated with the same old blunt and U shaped looks as it has been for ever.

Today, with short hair also you can give yourself a trendy, stylish and sexy look which is absolutely stunning. If your hair does not grow fast or is more manageable when short you can try any of the well-liked hairstyles. Here are some of the popular ‘in’ haircuts for 2013 that will refresh your look for this season.

Different Short Hair Styles 2013

Short Messy Look

Short and medium hair can be cut unevenly keeping it an inch or two shorter in the front compared to the back. To give the texture and messed up look use blow dry and avoid straight strokes when combing.

Short Messy Look

Use of styling gels for messy or wet looks adds the glam factor. This choppy hairstyle looks very chic with both formals and casuals.

Graduated Bob Cut

This is an evergreen hairstyle that has been followed since long. It works best for straight hair, keeping the hair longer in front and shorter at the back. The back can also be given a graduated look to add more texture.It is also beneficial for females who have receding hairlines. Since it makes the hair appear voluminous at the front it is a good disguise.

Straight And Asymmetrical Hair Style

This is similar to bob cut but with a shorter length than bob. Straight hair can be kept up to 3 to 4 inches longer in the hair as opposed to the back which is similar to gradual bob cut shorter in length.Though it is a very prom look, it looks equally professional when at work. It requires high maintenance for the front locks to get the perfect look.

Short And Wavy

Women with curly and wavy hair can go for this haircut. Similar to a U or Oval this cut looks cute and adds glory to your face. The best part about this hairdo is that the shape of your face doesn’t matter.

Short And Wavy

It is an evergreen messy look that is very manageable. It can also be curled up to give more bounce and volume.

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The Chic Look

Wavy, curly or straight or a combination of all the three types of hair looks very trendy and stands out with the chic look. If you are experimental, this boyish and short haircut looks fabulous when multi-textured. You can also add splashes of colour to add depth and make the cut stylish.

Layered Haircut

Like a few haircuts, this is also an evergreen look. Though it looks great on all types of hair, it works best for wavy hair. The cut adds volume for thin hair and therefore is a perfect disguise.

Prom Hairstyles For Layered Hair

Highlighting can also be done to heighten the effects and add depth. This is a professional look, but can be made to look crazy with a little blow dry and the use of hair gels.