Short Hairstyles For Black Women

Short Hairstyles For Black Women

Short Hairstyles For Black Women Once upon a time, short cropped hair was once a taboo among black women. But today things have changed drastically! Changes in the fashion scene have enabled people to cut their long Afro hair and keep short hair that is styled favorably, as per the occasion. There are a number of short hairstyles that are suitable for black women and many consider black women hair to be versatile and easy to keep.

Popular List of Short Hairstyles

People think differently now as they are more prone to use hair tools that help in styling the most difficult hair. Short black hair can be styled in a number of ways and a few of the most popular and easy ones are listed ones:

Buzz Cut

Talk to your stylist and get a favorable cut which features short back and side hair. Well suited for women who have strong features, the cut needs to be styled with a simple blow dryer that can be used as you comb your hair with a round brush. Keep it simple and once you have set the hair, use a hair serum to keep the fly-aways in place.

Body and Bangs

Women with short hair can style their hair by flicking up the edges and creating a sharp edge look. To add glamour to the style, include heavy bangs that can also look feminine and stylish. Though very cool looking, one needs to maintain the look and style it as frequently as possible.

Bowl Cut

One of the popular styles among celebrities, such as Rihanna and J. Blige, who have adorned this hairstyle, bowl cut is a supremely easy hairstyle that looks like it sounds.

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The cut is the key to the hairstyle where the top is rounded and cut short at the back. For people who are confident of carrying any hairstyle, can also opt to shave off the back hair in a mushroom shape.

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Haute Ponytails

A number of people do not associate with short hair with ponytails but this is a myth as people with short and long hair can all adorn a ponytail easily. To make a ponytail with short hair, one must remember to make it low. One can either pull back the hair or make two simple braided ponytails for a cute outing with friends. Though hair extensions can be used, one can simply use pins and clips to attend to the fly-aways and make the ponytail.

Shag Cuts

This is one of the most popular short hairstyles for black women. Though it is like a pixie cut where the hair is short in the front and the back, shag cuts have more layers making it perfect for wavy hair.

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To tame the waves, using a hairspray is highly recommended. Also, to add style to the hair, flip out the ends with your fine-toothed comb.

Leaning Bob

Another hairstyle made popular by Pop sensation, Rihanna, it is a classic one that can look both casual and professional. Flexible and chic, the look can be enhanced by adding more hair colors. To make it look polished use a hair serum that adds shine to the hair before blow drying it.

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