Short Layered Haircut Styles

Modern short and layered haircuts are very smart and classy. Each of these hairstyles is different and unique and they are a contemporary twist on the dull and boring hairstyles sported by women in the past.

Layered haircuts look beautiful and add grace and elegance to one’s look. Layers actually work well for women possessing thin hair as they add volume to one’s look. Short layered hair also looks very sophisticated and can be styled in innumerable ways according to the occasion. Here are four amazing short layered hairstyles for women to sport this season.

Stylish Short Layered Haircuts

The Layered Bob

The layered bob is a classic hairstyle sported by women, and this hairstyle has been carried on through the centuries. The layered bob is simply a more modern version of the traditional and simple bob which was sported by women earlier. This bob is short and sweet and consists of several layers added to the bob so that it looks fluffy and healthy. A woman can wish to sport two to three layers in short bobs.

layered bob

These bobs can also be combined with a blunt fringe or a side fringe to dramatize the look further and add some fun to the hairstyle. You can style this bob by blow drying it with a brush to puff up the layers and bending the ends of the short bob outwards for a classier look. Complete the look by applying hair serum. You can also add bejeweled hair bands and hair clips to accessorize the look further.

The Curled And Layered Bob 

The curled bob is a very romantic and soft hairstyle. The length of the bob usually varies from the jaw line or till the chin and hence is a short haircut and is very easy to maintain. Moreover this short layered haircut uses natural curl and wave and so this style can be maintained by women who have wavy and curly hair.

Curled And Layered Bob

One can also artificially get their hair curled if they lack the natural wave and curl required for this look. Basically this bob consists of sections of hair curled at the ends giving off a very vintage look. One can blow dry the hair by separating it into various sections and then brush it to add some wave to the look. Then, use a good light hold misty hairspray to hold the curls together and hence, complete the look.

The Layered Pixie Crop 

This layered pixie crop is a super short layered cut which works amazing in hair that has a large amount of texture in it for this style is extremely easy to maintain or has zero maintenance except for the regular visits to the salon to maintain the length of the crop.

Layered Pixie Crop

To get this look, your hair should be boy cut into razor like sharp layers so that it gives off the impression of a layered pixie crop. You can combine this look with a minimal amount of side bangs as well.

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The Layered Double Fringe 

Layered Double Fringe

The layered double fringe is a smart way of showing off a layered haircut where instead of the main hair the fringe is layered. To get this look, only the fringe is cut into two tiny layers which can be accompanied with a short crop, bob or pixie cut.