Short Layered Haircuts For Women Over 40


A woman in teens, thirties or forties should always look out for haircuts and hair dos that suit her personality and age. You barely a see woman sporting those short blunts or crazy braids when approaching her 50s.

It is always advisable for older women to wear their hair short and layered because one, it makes the hair look more voluminous than it actually is and two; it gives a trendy and smart look. And as it is well said by others, you are never too old to look hot and vulnerable. Here are some short and trendy layers that will defy your age. Check them out and make your pick.

Haircuts For Women Over 40

Bouncy Bob With Fringes

Bob cut has always been an evergreen hairstyle for all age groups. For women above 40, this hairstyle makes them look young and jovial. It works perfect for wavy hair and adds volume to the otherwise thinning hair with the age.

bouncy bob

The fringes add sexy and sporty effect to this regular bob cut. Ensure that your hair in front is slightly longer than at the back with an uneven finish for a young look.


Shags work for both long and short hair. It is a perfect disguise for thinning hair and the locks make the receding hairline less noticeable. Do not make a centre or side parting for this hairstyle, as it may make the hair look limp.

shag hairstyle

The uneven ends add glam factor and make age disappear from the face. It is also important to know that a little length should be maintained at the front to cover the forehead wrinkles.


A-Line is a form of bob cut where the hair is cut short at the back and maintained up to chin level at the front. When cut extremely short this hairdo looks glamorous for a woman approaching 50s. If you have perfectly straight hair, the sharp wedges give a soft look to your face. Though stylish, this hair cut needs regular trims for maintenance and works better with hair creams that do not make the hair stiff.

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The Funky Look

This is not what all women above 40 would like to experiment, but surely the funky look that adds spark to your personality. It is a messy look with hair cut unevenly all over the head. It is mainly parted sideways and looks very jazzy. Highlights with the colour that suit your eyes and skin tone makes it look very unconventional. It is the look of a free bird, the kind to step forward and break the rule.

Modern Pixie

Side parted and blow dried for the perfect wave and volume, this is a very professional and smart hairdo for women approaching their 50s.

modern pixie

It gives a delicate look to wavy hair and does not necessarily need colouring or streaking, as it looks equally fabulous on full grey hair. Layering keeps the hair from looking scanty and easily manageable at the same time. It gives a very matured look and therefore should be worn with caution.