Short & Medium Hairstyles For Women


Short & Medium Hairstyles For WomenMost people believe that long hair is the most versatile. But think again! There are innumerable options for short and medium length hairs that are making a mark across the fashion world making them highly reckoned.

Also, the fact that these are comparatively easier to maintain makes them more and more popular edging past the classic long hairstyles and updo.

Popular Short Hairstyles

From Rihanna to Jessical Alba – all have sported short hairstyles that have become the new-age fashion statements.

Gelled Wave

For this all you need to do is to use hair mousse or gel that can dampen the hair and help you make a side parting. After you have done so, all you need to do is to make it look like a wave on one side and for a night out add some pearls or other hair accessories.


Short Hairstyles For Women


This is a mop top look that can be achieved with layers all over the scalp. Let the hair texture remain the same and add a gel to let the edges stand out for the perfect shaggy look that was once popularized by the legendary Beatles.

Tucked Bobs

A variation from the classic bob cut that is possible with medium or long length hair, this is a more face framing cut where the angled layers are closer to the face giving it a fuller look. To make the hair cut stand out, just tuck the bobs on either side of the face and accentuate it with hair accessories. Let the hair remain loose to give it a messy look.

Modern Bob

This is perfect for middle-aged women as it is easy to maintain. Also, if you have a wide forehead, then you can disguise it with this pretty yet classic updo.

Medium Hairstyles For Women


You can simply use a hair gel to smoothen the loose hair and this is a classic short hairstyle that never goes out of fashion.

Heavily Textured Braids

If you want to add a texture to you hair then braid your short hair at the forehead. Let the loose hair remain to give it a more textured yet messy look.

Popular Medium Hairstyles

If your hair is neither long nor short, it can be confusing as to what would look good and what is not suitable for you. Here are a few classic styles that are making a huge impact among the fashionistas.

Classic Layering

If you do not like too much experimentation then a classic collarbone grazing cut is for you but for this one must have straight hair where the layers are easy noticeable.

Short Haircuts


Combine it with layers at the ends and this can work well with almost every type of face shape. To make an edgy impression, ask your hair stylist to cut the hair ends at the collarbone which offers it a perfect flip.

Bob cut

If you have super straight hair then simply run a styling cream through the strands and blow dry it. This makes the hair flat and smooth. Flip the hair over with hair mist and add shine through a hairspray.

Sideswept Look

If you have dry hair and want a different style that offers it more personality then sidesweep your hair with a boar bristle hair. Add volume to the roots by teasing the crown hair that also gives the hair extra height. Then sweep the hair back and pin it with a hair accessory on one side of the hair to make it look more sexy and tousled.

Allover Layers

Medium Haircuts For Women


If you are blessed with thick hair then go for the allover layers that basically consist of side bangs and layers all over the shoulder-length hair. This adds bounciness to the hair – making thick hair look even thicker and bouncier.


In case you have shoulder length straight hair then you can go for shorter hair in the back. The cut looks very neat and adds textures to fine hair but is not for curly hair. If you have a short neck then the side bangs must be short too.

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