Short Punk Haircuts For Girls

A polished hair cut is not always what all girls look for. Gone are the days when girls were only meant to be the delicate ones. Punk is the unique attitude that comes out with the shave and colour shades. Depending on the kind of look you want sloppy, messy or spikey you can do your hair at all lengths.

Serum, mud, wax and gels complete the style element with a lot of wave, curl and heavy edging to make the style last. The biggest tip to keep the punk looks is that since they outgrow too soon, require regular trimming than usual. Here are some punk looks you can experiment which look jazzy and trendy, and with it you can always add that girlie touch.

Attractive Short Punk Haircuts For Girls

Mohawk Curls

mohawk curl

Mohawk is the signature haircut of Punks. It can be cut in endless variations by keeping the sides and back short in asymmetrical or symmetrical manner by shaving it and the top being long can be made into curls to add the funky look. Colours of a single shade or multiple colours can be added to give the short length a flirty hair do.

Asymmetrical Layers

Asymmetrical Layers

Works on short or medium length of hair, the choppy look has short locks in the front and voluminous curls or wavy back length. It is similar to bob cut. It adds volume and is a great look that can be styled in different manners to give a sporty, messy or chic appearance. Hair gel or drops of wax can be used at the ends to highlight the asymmetrical cut.

Fro Hawk

Fro hawk is less about style and higher on the wild side of one’s appearance. It gives curly and wavy hair a more textured look by moistening the hair and using extra conditioner.

Fro Hawk

The top hair for this cut is kept broader compared to the Mohawk cut and is textured using styling gel to give a messed up look. The sides are left long to be finger combed with a lot of gel to give the hair less frizzy look. After the moistened hair is styled and dried, it is shaken up to give the much required wild look.

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Windswept Look

It is perhaps easiest low maintenance hairstyle punks can get. Let your hair be the way it is and just style with appropriate gel to get a wet, spikey or curly look.

windswept haircut

Neon colours can be used as a highlight and different contrast shades can be experimented with. It is apparently the most favourite and evergreen look and comes with no instruction for cut or maintenance.

Faux Hawk

Shaving both the sides of the head for the Mohawk look might be too drastic. Faux Hawk is though is not too different from Mohawk. The sides for this hair cut are not really shaved, but are trimmed unevenly for a fuller look.

Faux Hawk

As for the mid-section of the hair that remains longer than the rest of it, it can be sprayed with lots of colours, the sides can be spiked up with gel to give you the funky crazy look.