Short Punk Hairstyles For Women

If you wish to stand out of the crowd then opt for short punk hairstyles for women. For these hairstyles you must color your hair in blonde or black color. This will bring out the distinguished punk look.

These hairstyles are most happening in the recent times that you can see many celebrities sporting them on various events. These are the best choice for teenagers and older women as it would make them look younger. If you are looking for interesting short punk hairstyles the read on to find a few.

Punk Hairstyles For Short Hair

Punky Pixie

The pixie cut is a classic hairstyle that can suit any face type and shape. But if you have an oval face shape, then don’t look beyond this hairstyle. You can wear this hairstyle in your super short hair or in a graduated hair style.

punky pixie

This hairstyle features short hair at the front and bangs which can reach near your eyebrows. The soft textured look of this hairstyle does not make it look masculine.

Short Mohawk

short mohawk

This is a common hairstyle popular among youngsters these days. The shaved sides of the head which are closer to the crown of the head offer a unique look. The hair at the crown is transformed into spikes or made to stand upright by using an array of styling products such as freezing spray, styling gel and others.

Back Swept Style With Back Fringes

This cool hairstyle is popular among the rest of short punk hairstyles that makes youngsters go crazy over it. The innovative fringes that are side swept towards the sides of the back make it look very unique. This hairstyle is easy to achieve with a dime of styling gel.

Back Swept Style With Back Fringes

Make sure that your hair is damp as it aids in styling. This means the hair is 80% dry and 20% wet to make it ideal for styling. Using a fine toothed comb, comb the hair at the sides to bring it to the sides behind the ears. Comb the hair at the crown and finish off with a firm hold spray.

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Punk Hairstyle With Leopard Prints

Leopard prints are a popular one among the short punk hairstyles and is very hot among the youngsters this year. This style is also termed as the cue ball.

Punk Hairstyle With Leopard Prints

The length of the hair is less than half an inch which offers a unique look at the crown. The sides of the hair are cut short and the area near the ears would be filled with leopard like prints filling both the sides designed with the short hair.

Triple Hawk

Your hair should be divided into three sections and then can be styled into small Mohawks. Then place small spikes of about 3 inches gap in between them. Then apply a firm hold spray over it to secure them safely. This is a new type of Mohawk which is offered the name triple hawk or tri hawk owing to the three Mohawks it features. This unique look is best for you if you wish to have a bold and hot look that has a hint of boyish feel to it.

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