Short Shaggy Hairstyles


Short hair is the most convenient length of hair to be maintained by anyone. Short hair is easy to comb and can be styled in minutes and in a most efficient manner too. Short shaggy hairstyles form a wonderful combination of short hair and are styled in shaggy layers.

These hairstyles look stylish and classy on the wearer and if paired with the right attitude can give off a stunning appearance. You can style your short hair in numerous ways, according to the look you wish to flaunt. Here are four splendid short shaggy hairstyles for you to flaunt this season.

Stylish Short Shaggy Hairstyles

The Double Fringe Shaggy Hairstyle 

The double fringe shaggy hairstyle is a very edgy hairstyle as it consists of not one but two fringes which make it all the more difficult to maintain. Just like, in the case of a single fringe it is important that from time to time one gets the bangs trimmed to maintain the length of the bangs and not outgrow them similarly in the case of a double fringe, the fringe is cut in two layers so that it gives the illusion of a double fringe and hence the layers need to be trimmed regularly.

Double Fringe Shaggy Hairstyle

This look looks great with short shaggy hairstyles as the shortness of the hair complements and enhances the double fringe. You can also flat iron the double fringe to make the fringe all the more sharp and prominent.

The Super Volume Bob 

The super volume bob is a classic take on the retro era bob. In this bob the hair is cut short and in layers in such a way that the upper portion of the bob looks voluminous and big. This style suits women who have thick to medium hair and suits mostly all kinds of face shapes.

bob hairstyles

Just get your hair cut from above in short layers to give the upper portion of the bob a puffed up look and the lower portion of the bob cut in longer layers to give the bob a tapering look. This bob hence looks extremely stylish and can also be paired with hair accessories like head bands and head scarves. Complete the look by applying a small amount of serum for a glossier look.

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The Summer Shaggy Look 

The summer look is the wavy beach look. This look comprises of the hair being cut in soft wavy layers and a fringe which is as wavy as the hair and complements the layers. The layers in this cut are soft and light and overlap each other giving a wavy look.

shaggy hairstyles

In this style it is necessary that your hair is not straightened as it may end up looking like a pixie cut instead. Simply get your short hair cut in overlapping layers and then blow dry the hair slightly to get a curly or a wavy look. You can also scrunch up the hair or run your fingers through it for a more tousled look.

The Face Framing Shaggy Layers 

Face Framing Shaggy Layers

The face framing layers is a very pretty short shaggy hairstyle. In this style the hair though short is cut in layers and styled such that it bends inwards and frames the face structure enhancing the facial features. Complete the look by applying a good hairspray to hold the layers together.