Shoulder Length Hairstyles with Layers

Mid length or shoulder length hairstyles have always been extremely popular among women regardless of how old they are and for other innumerable reasons as well. This length is considered to be a suitable length for mostly all face cuts and is reasonably easy to sport and style compared to styling other lengths of hair.

A shoulder length hairstyle can be particularly flattering if styled in the correct manner and works effortlessly in enhancing the positive features of your face. Layering these hairstyles is currently the latest trend and it looks modern and trendy on women. Here are four splendid shoulder length layered hairstyles to flaunt this season.

Layered Shoulder Length Hairstyles

The Dreamy Wavy Layers 

The dreamy wavy layers is a very graceful hairstyle to be sported by women. This look suits both formal and casual occasions and works beautifully on all face types and face cuts. To get this look, your hair should first be detangled using a wide toothed comb. Comb your hair gently as you work out the tangles and then apply a little bit of mousse to settle the hair.

Dreamy Wavy Layers

Your hair should already be cut in layers if you wish to sport this look. It is preferred that these layers are long and overlapping so that is contributes a soft look to the hair. Now blow dry the hair to get smooth and wavy layers by dividing the hair into several sections. Once done, set your hair as you wish to. You can place also the hair over one shoulder if you desire to sport a side swept hairstyle. Complete the look by spraying a light hold misty hairspray.

The Sharp Cut Layers 

The sharp cut layers give an edgy and sharp look to one’s appearance. These layers are sported in shoulder length hair and are cut sharp or in the form of steps to make them look visible.

Sharp Cut Layers

It is advisable that your hair is straight and sleek for this look as it makes the layers all the more defined. You can even flat iron your hair using a heated straightener if you do not possess straight hair naturally. Pair this look with blunt fringes or a loose side fringe.

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The Messy Side Braid

The messy side braid is an innovative twist on the neat and simple side braid. The fact that your hair has been cut in layers is what gives the braid a messy and care free look. For this hairstyle, your hair should be shoulder length in nature as it would be impossible to make a braid if the hair is too short.

messy side braid

Now, take the hair, detangle it and then divide the hair into three equal sections. After doing so, take all the three sections to one side and braid them simply to get a long simple braid. As the hair is cut in layers, you will see that the braid is loose and a bit messy which is perfectly the look we wish to sport. Secure the braid with an elastic band once it is complete.

The Super Volume Layers

Super Volume Layers

The super volume layers is a classic retro look. To get this look the hair is cut in short layers at the top to get a voluminous look and long hair towards the bottom to get a long and tapering look.